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Community Psychology Faculty

Homelessness services and systems; affordable housing.

Impact of home, office, and digital clutter on quality of life; religious community leaders; meaning of psychological home; caregiving; volunteerism; sense of community; spirituality in the community.

Gender-based violence; program evaluation; systems change.

Public policy; prevention; substance use; chronic illness; recovery homes.

Family coping with health stressors including cancer and dementia; diversity of contexts in dealing with health stressors; family communication, cohesiveness, functioning; elderly care; social inclusion and connection to prevent loneliness.

Violence directed against educators; school-based evaluation and intervention; risk and protective factors across multiple ecological levels.

Community interventions with older adults; adulthood & aging; health message framing.

Identity; stereotypes and discrimination; systemic prejudice, intergroup violence; political psychology.

Suicide prevention; minority mental health; adolescent risk and resiliency; school-based interventions. 

Asian Americans; immigrants and refugees; culturally tailored interventions; mental health and trauma; tobacco control and cessation.

Affiliate Faculty

Luciano Berardi, Ph.D.
Young adulthood; educational access and attainment; mentoring; ethnic minority youth; transitions. 

Cultural diversity; improving academic settings for students and faculty; food and housing security; community psychology values

Howard Rosing, Ph.D.
Urban food access; migration; economic restructuring; community health. 

Emeritus Faculty

Empowerment of people with disabilities; culture and attitudes; community research methods; health policy.

While there may be opportunities to collaborate with affiliate and emeritus faculty, affiliate and emeritus faculty do not admit students. Similarly, clinical-community faculty that are not also listed on this page may collaborate with our students, but are not able to admit students in this program. 

Community Psychology Faculty Videos:

Hear directly from the DePaul Community Psychology faculty. Watch faculty talk about their approach to research, mentoring students, and answer the following questions and more:

  • What are your values and how do they influence your work?
  • What expectations do you have for your teaching and graduate assistants?
  • What is your approach to mentoring students?
  • Who are some successful people you mentored?
  • What expectations do you have for theses and dissertations?
  • What is the culture of your research lab like?

Professors Joseph Ferrari and Leonard Jason discuss their stories coming from two different backgrounds

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