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From cutting edge faculty projects to state-of-the-art, on-campus facilities, research plays a central role at the College of Science and Health. We collaborate with global partners and garner international recognition on scientific discoveries and the advancement of health - all with an emphasis on student engagement in research across the curriculum.

Research Discoveries

From Research to Action: Latinx Children at Higher Risk of Depression, Anxiety

Antonio Polo and graduate students bring intervention into Chicago Public Schools.

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Researcher Leonard A. Jason Pushes Discovery on Long COVID, ME/CFS

DePaul University psychologist earns NIH grant, publishes book.

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Study Captures Nurses’ Experiences of Maternity Care During COVID-19

DePaul University researchers glean insight from interviews, look ahead to prevent burnout.

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Living on the Edge: Small Mammals in Threatened, Biodiverse Hotspot Hold Clues for Conservation

DePaul University’s Noé de la Sancha researches biodiversity within Atlantic Forest remnants.

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How Heat Travels

Professor of Physics Eric Landahl explores the microscopic connection between electricity and heat.

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Concerns over COVID-19 Vaccine’s Effectiveness Slowed Early Uptake in Black, Latinx communities

DePaul University researcher Joanna Buscemi works with community partner to address health inequity.

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Faculty Spotlight

Loving and Mourning in the Kingdom of Decay

Professor Liam Heneghan discusses hope and decay in his recent DePaul University TedX talk.

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Comet Chemistry

Professor Wendy Wolbach searches for signs of catastrophe from ancient sites.

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Breaking the Pattern

Professor Bridget Tenner's work maps patterns of a higher order in mathematics.

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Grow Your Research Potential

From active centers to innovative research laboratories, the College of Science and Health offers multiple entry points to take your intellectual curiosity to the next level.


Learn about the Culture and Evidence-Based Practice Lab, where Dr. Antonio Polo and his team conduct research partnering with Chicago Public Schools to deliver and support Act & Adapt, a group-based cognitive behavioral intervention that has served predominantly African American and Latinx youth in over 100 schools.

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Learn more about Dr. Christie Klimas' research lab where her team studies the interaction between ecology and economics to develop sustainable resource management in both urban and tropical settings.

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Research Resources for Faculty and Students

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