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From cutting edge faculty projects to state-of-the-art, on-campus facilities, research plays a central role at the College of Science and Health. We collaborate with global partners and garner international recognition on scientific discoveries and the advancement of health - all with an emphasis on student engagement in research across the curriculum.

Research Discoveries

What did "Meg" look like?

DePaul University paleobiologist Kenshu Shimada holds a tooth of an extinct shark Otodus megalodon, or the so-called “Meg” or megatooth shark.

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National Task Force Finds Violence Against K-12 Educators Reaching Crisis Levels

DePaul University psychologist Susan Dvorak McMahon discusses the problems and remedies.

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Racial Disparities in Flu Mortality

Health Sciences Assistant Professor Julia Lippert analyzes racial inequities in flu mortality across the 30 biggest U.S. cities.

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Taking Care

A School of Nursing research team led by Assistant Professor Shannon Simonovich plumbs the pandemic experiences of nurses nationwide.

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Rebalancing Community Needs

Associate Professor of Psychology Anne Saw shows that Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders disproportionately suffer from impacts of COVID-19.

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Brain Fog Persists Among COVID-19 Long-haulers

CSH researchers compared long-haul COVID-19 sufferers to those with chronic fatigue syndrome and found diverging symptom patterns.

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Faculty Spotlight

Protein Puzzles

In his research, Eric Norstrom searches for proteins complicit in the development of Alzheimer's disease.

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SOS for At Risk Teens

Two CSH professors test a personalized approach to intervention science, helping Chicago youth navigate unique social and emotional challenges.

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Gone Fishing

Today, Professor Aguirre's evolutionary research sheds new light on the history of freshwater fishes.

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Grow Your Research Potential

From active centers to innovative research laboratories, the College of Science and Health offers multiple entry points to take your intellectual curiosity to the next level.


Learn about the Healthy Families Lab where Dr. Jocelyn Carter explores the relationship between mental and physical health, from athletics and stress coping to cultural factors that influence well-being in youth and their families.

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Learn more about Dr. Christie Klimas' research lab where her team studies the interaction between ecology and economics to develop sustainable resource management in both urban and tropical settings.

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Research Resources for Faculty and Students

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