Faculty Research

Faculty Research
Research group meeting

Research plays a crucial role in the College of Science and Health (CSH). CSH faculty have impressive scholarly programs, recognized and funded at local, state, federal and international levels.

Featured Research Grants and Awards

W. LaVome Robinson & Leonard Jason

National Institutes of Health

Success Over Stress Violence Prevention Project

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Kathryn Grant

U.S. Department of Education

Intervention to Improve Academic Outcomes for Low-Income Youth

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Joseph Mikels

National Institues of Health

Emotion, Aging and Decision Making

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James Montgomery, et al.

(Environmental Science & Studies)
National Science Foundation

Engage and Persist in STEM Project

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David Jabon

(STEM & Mathematical Studies)
National Institutes of Health

Implementation of High-quality Instructional Resources

William Gilliland

(Biological Sciences)
National Institues of Health

Chromosome Congression in Drosophilia Female Meiosis

CSH Mid-Career Excellence in Research Award

Megan Greeson

Collaborative Research Grant

Windsor Aguirre
Biological Sciences​
Thiru Ramaraj
School of Computing

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Spirit of Inquiry Award
DePaul University

Leonard Jason

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