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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

​​Our Mission to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The mission of the College of Science and Health is to prepare leaders in the sciences and healthcare who are committed to cultivating equitable, socially just, and anti-racist environments. Through authentic experiences the classroom and community, we educate our students to be engaged citizens prepared to exercise their knowledge of science and medicine in a manner that upholds the dignity of all people. DePaul University is committed to the anti-racist work required to achieve equitable service of our community. We must work together to challenge the status quo, and continue asking hard questions despite answers that may pose discomfort to those in positions of privilege. ​

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A dedicated team of staff and faculty is currently working to expand this website to demonstrate how the college is promoting DEI through its teaching, research and service to the community. While we develop the site, please read our anti-racism statement, a message from our dean, Stephanie T. Dance-Barnes, Ph.D. on the commitment of the CSH community to DEI, and explore recent data and reports.​