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Anti-Racism Statement

The DePaul University College of Science and Health (CSH) acknowledges the individual and structural racism embedded in our science, education, and healthcare systems. We recognize the culture of racial oppression and the deep history of European colonialism and white supremacy installed in all science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) fields, nursing, and all healthcare professions. The fields of science and health have largely ignored the needs of and contributions from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and in some situations have used science and health systems to harm them. This has furthered healthcare disparities, under-representation of BIPOC people in the fields of science and health, and contributes to a distrust of science and healthcare systems.  Acknowledgement of these truths inspires a call for introspection, collective consciousness, and action. We must seek to unlearn, learn, and practice our commitment to combat racism daily. We recognize the painful history and ongoing racist misconduct of scientists and healthcare practitioners that overshadows and adds to the challenge and importance of our anti-racism work. In response, we firmly commit to disarming racism by reasserting diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values of our college and coming together as one community of students, staff, faculty, and community partners in support of each and every one of our members of color, in condemning racism in all of its forms.

Our Mission to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As the College of Science and Health, our mission is to prepare scientists, healthcare and nursing leaders who are committed to creating equitable, socially just and anti-racist environments. Through authentic experiences in and outside the classroom, we educate our students to be engaged citizens that are prepared to exercise their knowledge of science and medicine toward the equitable service of their communities in a manner that upholds the dignity of all people. Our commitment to combat racism aligns with DePaul’s University commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.

DePaul University, has affirmed the commitment, “as an institution – to combat racism by all available and appropriate means, and as a matter of the highest priority, preferably in continuous cooperation with affected communities.” Examples of commitments, at the university level include: strengthening existing diversity, enactment of equity and inclusion programs and initiatives, auditing intra-organizational processes and procedures for practices of exclusion and structural racism, encouraging each college and division to host anti-racist conversations next year, and committing to join these conversations. Each college is compelled to initiate or enhance curricula building understanding and empathy for peoples impacted by racism.

In the College of Science and Health, we believe that to be effective in this anti-racist initiative we must work together to challenge the status quo within our ethos. We must continue asking hard questions and producing answers that may be difficult for those in power or positions of privilege to accept. This systemic change will compel our collective disruption of racist ideology and silent apathy, which has produced multiple forms of inequity, thus violence, in our nation. This must begin with our work in the classroom and around the university campus to listen, to seek, and to more fully acknowledge the many violent events that have led us to this point. It also must begin with our work in communities to challenge those who view Black, Brown, and other minoritized communities' existence as a threat.

What is being done at the CSH?

  • CSH has created a permanent committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) with representation from all units across the college and includes staff, faculty and student voice;
  • CSH partnered with a past SGA Senator on the “Black Excellence in STEM” event for Black History month and commits to continuing to highlight and celebrate contributions from diverse faculty, staff, and students;
  • CSH is in the process of creating a web-page where DEI data, best-practices and events can be shared transparently with the entire CSH community;
  • CSH is assessing the staff and faculty evaluation processes in order to foster accountability, highlight achievements and to keep DEI efforts as an integral part of our work at DePaul;

What must be done at the CSH?

  • Strengthen CSH’s data collection and dissemination of diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics and use this data to drive efforts to set and achieve DEI outcomes across the college;
  • Recruit and retain staff and faculty with under-represented Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) to better reflect the diversity present in the student body;
  • Develop diverse faculty and staff so they thrive and grow professionally in CSH and the university;
  • Prohibit discrimination of the tenure and promotion process based on race and ethnicity of faculty members;
  • Create obligatory training and professional development for staff and faculty to deepen their awareness, professional responsibility and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; thus emphasizing best practices and creating a culture and climate that actualizes these values;
  • Listen to and amplify the voices of our Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) students, staff and faculty;
  • Transform curriculum and pedagogy throughout the college to integrate diverse perspectives and voices, and to adopt policies and practices that foster equity and inclusion;
  • Host and participate in anti-racist conversations with staff, faculty, students, and administrators during the next academic year and beyond;
  • Create an anonymous forum for student grievances regarding discriminatory actions or policies to be aired and addressed