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Tutoring Services

Many academic programs in the College of Science and Health offer free tutoring services for students.  Check this page often for the latest available information on when and where you can get help with your coursework.  DePaul also offers Supplemental Instruction for some courses, including biology, chemistry, and math, and the University Center for Writing-based Learning to help students with their writing.

Students in Biology courses at all levels may seek help from teaching assistants during their office hours.  Office hours are generally held in McGowan-North and McGowan-South throughout the week.  Click on the link below to see the full office hour schedule for the Department of Biological Sciences.

Biology TA Office Hour Schedule

Students who need help with problems in chemistry and biochemistry have several options open to them. If you are enrolled in general chemistry or organic chemistry, it is likely that you have a Supplemental Instructrion leader assigned to your section. This person will hold office hours and recitation sessions outside of classroom time. In addition, students in chemistry and biochemistry laboratory courses may use their teaching assistant's office hourse to seek help. These sessions are usually held in the new Chemistry and Biochemistry Learning Center, McGowan-South 300.  Please click on the link below to access the latest schedule for Supplemental Instruction, teaching assistant office hours, and tutoring schedule this term:

Chemistry and Biochemistry Tutoring Services
The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers free advising both in the Loop and on the Lincoln Park Campus.  To see the most up-to-date tutoring schedule, please click on the link below.  The schedule lists the locations, days, and times at which tutoring services are offered.  In addition, the schedule also indicates the expertise of each tutor.

Math Tutoring Schedule

The School of Nursing offers free tutoring for students taking nursing courses.  Please visit the following link to get the most up-to-date tutoring schedule.

School of Nursing Tutoring Schedule

The Department of Physics offers free tutoring for students taking physics courses.


The Department of Psychology offers free tutoring for students participating in psychology statistics courses.  

Psychology Tutoring

Help is available for both LSP 120 and LSP 121.  To see the Quantitative Reasoning tutoring schedule, click on the link below.

Quantitative Reasoning Tutoring Schedule