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​​​A number of DePaul donor-funded scholarships exist for eligible undergraduate and graduate College of Science and Health students.  To learn about the opportunities and - whether or not you are eligible and, if eligible - how to apply, then please visit Scholarship Connect. If after visiting the website you have questions, then please directly email

Alumni from any of DePaul’s colleges who are admitted into a graduate degree program or a select certificate program in the College of Science and Health automatically qualify for the Double Demon Scholarship.

Any newly admitted student who has graduated from DePaul (has a degree conferred - bachelor's, master's or doctorate) will be eligible to receive a Double Demon Scholarship, as a 25% automatic discount, for any GRADUATE coursework they take after the degree is conferred. This includes degree coursework, certificate coursework and non-degree coursework. It does not include coursework from the Center for Professional Education (CPE), Institute for Professional Development (IPD), coursework in a doctoral program or a master of fine arts (MFA), Music, Theatre, Law and a few other select programs. The Double Demon Scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other institutional aid or discount. 


For more information, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at or (773) 325-7315.

This scholarship is for the amount of $12,000. The Graduate Presidential Scholarship (for qualified international students admitted into select degree programs: Applied Mathematics – MS, Applied Statistics – MS, Chemistry – MS, Environmental Science – MS, and Sustainable Urban Development – MA) is disbursed evenly ($2,000 per quarter) over the first six quarters of continuous, full-time enrollment (excluding summer). The Graduate Presidential Scholarship is disbursed per quarter, up to six quarters while enrolled full-time, with a maximum award of $12,000. Except for the Double Demon Scholarship (for DePaul alumni), awards are not renewable and are not disbursed in summer, nor are they disbursed in the December intercession. Additional criteria includes:

  • Financial awards (scholarships, assistantships, reimbursements, corporate discount programs) cannot be combined and students may only receive one award for the duration of the program. The one award received will be the most advantageous award the student is qualified to receive.
  • Some scholarships offered by outside agencies may not be included in the “one award” policy of the University, but all financial support is considered and can impact a student’s final financial aid package including any scholarships that may be offered.
  • Final awarding of scholarships and financial aid is done by the University’s Office of Financial Aid and are contingent on hours enrolled, the award may be updated with any enrollment changes made prior to the last day to drop classes.
  • Scholarships are “tuition restricted” awards and do not cover fees, textbooks and living expenses.
  • Some scholarships require formal application and acceptance procedures with established deadlines.
  • The Graduate Presidential Scholarship is awarded based on the program of study and term that a student has applied for. Deferral to another term or switching programs may revoke the scholarship.
  • Payment of tuition and fees is the sole responsibility of the student regardless of any financial assistance that may be offered.
  • If an awarded student’s plans change, they must promptly contact the CSH Graduate Admission office and inform either their admission officer or the Director of Graduate Admission of this change. Awarded students must also promptly inform the Financial Aid office of any and all scholarship awards or graduate assistantships they receive, to ensure that they remain eligible for the awards that they have accepted. Failure to do so may result in a loss of scholarship opportunity.​

The McNair Scholars Program, named after the late Dr. Ronald E. McNair (a NASA astronaut who perished during the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger), is designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. The program aims to increase the number of students in doctoral programs from underrepresented groups. To learn whether or not you are eligible and, if so, how to apply, then please directly contact the McNair Scholars Program.

The Francisco Valencia Memorial Scholarship was created to provide scholarship support to either a DePaul undergraduate junior or senior who has given back to both their DePaul and neighborhood community. Contact the Office of Multicultural Student Success for details.

The Richard J. Meister Scholarship lies in the tradition of DePaul scholars who critically reflect on societal issues and problem solving methods to achieve societal goals and engage in service within the local and/or global community, and encourages undergraduate and graduate students to continue doing so throughout their lives.  Contact the Irwin W. Steans Center for details.

For a more comprehensive view of scholarship opportunities at DePaul, please visit the Admission and Aid site and search by your student type.​