The CSH Action Plan to Achieve DEI Goals

  • Strengthen the collection and dissemination of DEI metrics to support evidence-based work geared toward achieving improved DEI outcomes
  • Recruit and retain staff and faculty from underrepresented groups to better reflect the diversity present in the student body
  • Support the professional development of diverse faculty and staff so they thrive within the CSH and the university
  • Prohibit discrimination in the tenure and promotion process based on race and ethnicity
  • Mandate training for staff and faculty to deepen awareness, professional responsibility and commitment to DEI efforts to create a culture and climate that actualizes these values
  • Listen to and amplify the voices of our BIPOC students, staff and faculty and take action in response
  • Transform curriculum and pedagogy to integrate diverse perspectives and voices and to adopt policies and practices that foster equity and inclusion
  • Host and participate in anti-racist conversations with staff, faculty, students, and administrators
  • Create an anonymous forum for students and staff to report grievances about discriminatory actions or policies and a mechanism to address their concerns