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Ansuk Jeong

Ph.D. Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
(Minor) Education Policy and Measurement
M.A. Psychology, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
B.A. Psychology, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Korean Linguistics and Literature, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Interests
  • Design Thinking for Family Support Intervention, Social Innovation and Family Support
  • Quality Care for the Elderly, Family Caregivers’ Mental Health
  • Family Resilience, Family Cohesiveness, Family Stress and Coping
  • Digital Intervention for Patients with Chronic Illness
  • Community Intervention for Social Connection

Fellowships and Associations
Health-Equity Focused, Community-Engaged Research Fellow (2023-2025) of Steans & Center for Community Health Equity of DePaul University
Research Scholar (2023-2025) of Society for Community Research and Action (Division #27 of American Psychological Association)​

​Selected Publications

Park, K., Lee, D., Eom, J., Chang, E., & Jeong, A.* (In Press). Development and validation of Loneliness, Second-Order Common Factor (L-SOCF) Scale. Journal of Korean Psychology: Social and Personality Psychology.
Jung, W., Park, J., Jeong, A., Cho, J.H., Jeon, Y.J., & Shin, D.W. (In Press). Fear of cancer recurrence and its predictors among survivors of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Journal of Cancer Survivorship.
Jeong, Y., Jeong, A.*, Park, K., Kim, B., & Min, J. (2022). Validity and reliability of Korean version of modified fatigue impact scale (MFIS) questionnaire in Korean patients with multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, 62, 103811.​ 

Ryu, J., Jeong, A., Min, J., Lee, D., Lee, J., Song, I., Jeon, J. (2022). The relationship between domain-specific physical activity and depressive symptoms in Korean adults: Analysis of the Korea National Health and Nutrition Exam​ination Survey, Journal of Affective Disorders, 302, 428-434. 

Yeon, S., Min, J., Byeon, J., Min, J., Ryu, J., Jeong, A., Kim., J., Kim, S., & Jeon, J.Y. (2021). Exercise barriers and facilitators for breast cancer patients. Exercise Science, 32(2), 192-204. 

Jeong, A.* (2020). Our communities post-COVID-19. Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology, 39(4), 300-308. 

Jeong, A.* & Cho, S. (2020). Ordinary responses to an extraordinary disaster: Sewol Ferry sinking and the victim families’ experience. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 27(1), 42-49. 

Jeong, A.*, Shin, D., Park, J., & Park, K. (2019). What we talk about when we talk about caregiving: The distribution of roles in cancer patient caregiving in a family-oriented culture. Cancer Research and Treatment, 51(1), 141-149.