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Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA/PhD)

DePaul's graduate program in I-O Psychology prepares students for future employment in a wide variety of scientific, academic, and applied settings. The MA part of the program leads directly into the doctoral portion; it is not a terminal master's degree.

Goals of the Program

The MA/PhD in I-O Psychology is designed to follow the Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral Level, produced by the Society for I-O Psychology. Students are trained to be competent in the major areas of the field. You'll receive:

  • A solid grounding in psychological theory: core courses in cognitive and social psychology
  • Essential training in methodology, with courses in advanced statistics, measurement, and research methods
  • Core I-O courses in motivation, leadership, selection, performance appraisal, training, organizational theory, and consultation
  • The opportunity to specialize with elective courses in communication, management, gender studies, and other areas

Why Study I-O at DePaul?

Graduate students in I-O at DePaul work closely with faculty on teaching and research. We keep our entering classes small, and as a result you will receive a great deal of individualized attention and support.

As a student in DePaul's MA/PhD in I-O Psychology program, you will:

  • Experience a high standard of intellectual challenge and stimulation from both instructors and peers
  • Collaborate with experts in your area of interest to develop and implement new research ideas
  • Contribute to new developments in the field
  • Have access to the Chicago-area business community for internships, collaboration, and research data

Our graduates go into corporate, consulting, and academic careers. Some choose to stay in Chicago while others take positions around the country and around the world.

See a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Internship & Career Info in the Psychology Department.

​​​I-O Program Policy Manual

Our I-O Policy Manual ​ highlights important rules and procedures endorsed by the I-O Psychology program.

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