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Psychological Science (MA/PhD)

DePaul’s Psychological Science PhD Program (formerly "Experimental Psychology" PhD Program) is a highly competitive program that involves research and scholarship focusing on the psychological foundations of human thought and behavior. Our training prepares students for employment in a wide variety of scientific, academic, and applied settings.

Research is an integral part of our training and begins during the first year under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Our Areas of Specialization

  • Developmental Psychology. Members of our faculty have expertise in both child development and later adulthood. Training covers all areas of developmental psychology but current faculty research focuses on social development and emotion.
  • Social Psychology. Current faculty research focuses on self-regulation and self-motives, emotions, behavior processing and synchrony, face-recognition, stereotyping and prejudice, skin-color and attractiveness, close relationships, morality and moral judgments, face recognition, and awe and meaning.
  • Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Training within these broad areas is tailored according to students’ interests. Current faculty research focuses on language processing, judgment and decision-making and mathematical modeling of behavior.

A Challenging but Supportive Environment

  • Mentorship. Students work closely with a faculty member who shares their scholarly interests and serves as their faculty mentor.
  • Peer Support. The program encourages students to form close collegial relations with each other that may include research collaborations. Each student is paired with a peer mentor.
  • Room to Grow. Students are encouraged to become independent researchers and critical thinkers in preparation for their own future careers.

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  • "The Psychological Science program at DePaul gave me the independence and guidance I needed to successfully start my research career."
    — Dr. Mark Brandt,
    Dept. of Social Psychology
    Tilburg University
    The Netherlands