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Psychological Science Program Highlights

​Training across the Disciplines

Students learn the fundamental pillars of psychological science at a graduate level:
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Physiological psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social psychology

This program prepares students for a variety of jobs.

Integrative Learning

  • Social cognition
  • Physiological processes
  • Prejudice and intergroup conflict
  • Identity and the self
  • Cultural psychology
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Cognitive development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Perception and memory
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Language and cognition
  • Social neuroscience
  • Developmental neuroscience

Focus on Scientific Training and Development

  • Multiple Research labs
  • Opportunities for collaboration on diverse projects
  • Training in a variety of statistical and methodological techniques
  • Professional development in good scientific practices
  • Internal grant opportunities for graduate research and training
  • Opportunities for publication in competitive research journals
  • Students present at regional and national conferences

Training in Teaching and Mentoring

  • Students take a professional development seminar Years 1-2
  • Multiple mentoring opportunities
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Students take a year-long teacher training course
  • Access to DePaul’s teaching and mentoring resources and workshops
  • Students who have completed all their graduate classes can teach as the “Instructor of record” for undergraduate classes – teach your own course!

Multiple Careers Opportunities

  • ​Our PhD graduates find careers in a variety of academic and non-academic  settings (e.g., behavioral science and user experience researchers)
  • Graduates also get post-doctoral research positions
  • Graduates work in private industry, business, or community organizations as researchers or consultants