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Master of Science in General Psychology

DePaul’s two-year MS in General Psychology is designed to provide a strong foundation for students interested in pursuing a PhD in Psychology. It can also prepare students for future employment in a variety of scientific, academic, and applied settings.

We Provide a Broad, Solid Foundation in Psychology

The MS in General Psychology provides a strong foundation in psychology as an empirical science. MS students receive:

  • A solid grounding in theory: core courses in cognitive, developmental, physiological and social psychology
  • Essential training in methods: core courses in statistics and research methods
  • A breadth of knowledge: elective courses in clinical, cognitive, community, developmental, industrial/organizational and social psychology

Our Competitive Advantage

Unlike in many other terminal master’s programs, students in the MS in General Psychology program at DePaul complete doctoral-level courses. MS students also work closely with faculty members (usually, one) to develop and implement novel research ideas.

As a student in DePaul’s MS in General Psychology program, you will:
  • Experience a high standard of intellectual challenge and stimulation from both instructors and peers
  • Collaborate with experts in your area of interest to develop and implement new research ideas
  • Contribute to new developments in the field

As a graduate from DePaul’s MS in General Psychology program, you will be well-prepared for further doctoral training in psychology or for a range of careers related to psychology (e.g., statistical consulting, teaching).

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