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Community Psychology (MA/PhD)

DePaul’s award-winning Community Psychology program prepares students for careers as researchers, educators, intervention specialists, consultants and program evaluators. The program emphasizes human diversity, specializing in research and intervention work with underserved communities.

Why Community Psychology at DePaul University?

What community psychologists do. Community psychologists explore solutions to wide array of community issues, from educational failure and chronic illness to substance abuse and violence.

Research and action. DePaul's Community Psychology program will equip you with the skills and research methodologies to be a scientist and make an impact. You’ll be well prepared to:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate preventative interventions
  • Conduct community based participatory action research to understand and address social problems
  • Evaluate community- and school-based programs
  • Consult with organizations to enhance capacity
  • Teach and conduct community research in university settings
  • Write competitive grant applications
  • Present at local and national conferences and publish research

Mentoring. Students have the opportunity to develop one-on-one mentoring and advising relationships with faculty as well as work with multiple faculty throughout their time at DePaul.

Chicago as a community site. The City of Chicago serves as an excellent site for community research and social justice work DePaul's connections with the city's many nonprofit organizations.

See Program Highlights, Frequently Asked Questions, Faculty Videos and Grad Student Bios in the Psychology Department.

Financial Support

Admitted students are fully funded with tuition waivers and stipends, and serve as research/teaching assistants.

Want to Know More?

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Student Resources

Our DePaul Community Psychology Program Manual outlines the Community Psychology Program's rules, guidelines and course information.

Living in Chicago

DePaul students not only enjoy the fun and excitement of living in Chicago, they benefit from the multifaceted and multi-cultural community, and the many ways the city becomes an integral part of their educational experience.


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