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Community Psychology Graduate Students

Amy Anderson
BA in Psychology at Oklahoma State University
MS in Education at The Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: Diversity in educational and community settings, microaggressions, and dismantling systemic barriers to education for marginalized groups
Faculty Advisor: Bernadette Sánchez, PhD

Kelly Collins
BA in Psychology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies, Michigan State University
Research Interests: Community-based research and evaluation related to violence against women and homelessness
Faculty Advisor: Megan Greeson, PhD

Adina C. Cooper
BA in Psychology, Hampton University
MEd in Professional Counseling with Community Concentration
Research Interests: Positive youth development, academic achievement, and prevention/intervention for risk behaviors and delinquency in ethnic minority youth
Faculty Advisors: Bernadette Sánchez, PhD & Midge Wilson, PhD

Kendall Patricia Crum

Mayra Guerrero
BA in Psychology, City College of New York
Research Interests: Long-term recovery from substance addiction; reintegration issues among veterans; social networks and recovery; drug policy
Faculty Advisor: Leonard Jason, PhD

Alescia M. Hollowell
BS in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science, Michigan State University
MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan
Research Interests: 1) Social, cultural, and environmental determinants of health, 2) Health behaviors and outcomes of African American women and families, 3) Community Based Participatory Research
Faculty Advisors: Jocelyn Carter, PhD & Howard Rosing, PhD

Lynn C. Liao
BA in Psychology/Religion & Culture, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
MA in Community Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Research interests: youth civic engagement, critical consciousness development, youth-adult relationships and alliances, mentoring, transformative/restorative justice and other models to violence
Faculty Advisor: Bernadette Sánchez, PhD

Kathleen McAuliff
BS in Psychology with a minor in Peace Studies, Loyola University Chicago
MA in Community Psychology, DePaul University
Research Interests: quality of life and resilience among individuals facing adversity, educational inequity, attitudes towards social justice issues, impact of policy on marginalized populations, and positive youth development
Faculty Advisor: Chris Keys, PhD

Alison Mroczkowski
BA in Psychology, Dominican University
MA in Community Psychology, DePaul University
Research Interests: Educational experiences and academic achievement of underserved youth; mentoring; empowerment; resilience; program evaluation and development
Faculty Advisor: Bernadette Sánchez, PhD

Jordan Reed
BA in Psychology/Sociology; Community Psychology Certificate, Wichita State University
Research interests: Chronic illness, health care delivery, public policy, poverty and inequality
Faculty Advisor: Leonard A. Jason, PhD

Crystal Steltenpohl
BA in English and Psychology, University of Southern Indiana
MA in Applied Psychology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Research Interests: technology, online communities
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Keys, PhD

Danielle Vaclavik
BA in Psychology with Spanish minor, Butler University
Research Interests: The religious experience and identity of Catholic young adults, religiosity as a coping and empowerment technique, the religious/spiritual experience of homeless individuals, burn out
Faculty Advisor: Molly Brown, PhD

Annie Wegrzyn
BA in Psychology, North Central College
Research Interests: Violence against women and coordinated community response to sexual assault and rape.
Faculty Advisor: Megan Greeson, PhD

Shannon Williams
BA in Psychology, DePaul University
MA in Community Psychology, DePaul University
Research Interests: First-generation college students, educational attainment, academic achievement, underserved populations, college adjustment, minority racial groups, diversity, college transition
Faculty Advisor: Joe Ferrari, PhD

Chris Whipple
BS in Psychology, Brigham Young University
Research Interests: prevention and empowerment programs for adolescents, community violence exposure, substance abuse and recovery
Faculty Advisor: LaVome Robinson, PhD

Mark Zinn
Research Interests: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Faculty Advisor: Leonard Jason, PhD