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Community Psychology Graduate Students

​​​​​Community Student Bios​

Yesenia Garcia Murillo
BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice, Saint Xavier University
MA in Community Psychology, DePaul University
Research Interests: Underrepresented and immigrant students’ experiences in higher education, mentoring relationships for ethnic-racial minority youth, and ethnic-racial identity.
Faculty Advisors: Bernadette Sá​nchez, PhD; Susan D. McMahon, PhD

Safa Asad
BA in Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Research Interests: Education reform, disparities in access to education/educational opportunities, enhancing educational systems, mentoring, school-based interventions, educational experiences of ethnic minorities and refugees.
Faculty Advisor: Susan D. McMahon, PhD; Luciano Berardi, PhD

Andrew Camilleri
LLB with a minor in Philosophy, University of Malta, Malta
LLD, University of Malta, Malta
MS, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia
Research Interests: migration, sustainable cities, youth, youth groups, political psychology, evaluation.
Faculty Advisor: Dn. Joseph Ferrari, PhD

Justin Bell
BA in Psychology, Knox College
MS in Experimental Psychology, Rochester Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Substance use disorder recovery, positive psychology, sober living communities, and 12 step groups.
Faculty Advisor: Leonard A. Jason, PhD

Taylor Swenski
BS in Psychology, Ohio State University
Research Interests: Health equity interventions for Black and Latinx adolescents, community-based participatory research methodologies, environmental justice, food sovereignty, youth development and critical consciousness building.
Faculty Advisor: Jocelyn Carter, PhD

Hannah Samuels
BA in Gender Studies, Psychology, Indiana University
Research Interests: Gender-based violence, community-based responses to sexual violence, experiences of LGBTQ+ survivors
Faculty Advisor: Megan R. Greeson, PhD​