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Psychology encompasses the scientific study of mind and behavior across the entire range of the human experience and contexts.  DePaul's Department of Psychology recognizes that the social identity, culture, and life experiences of the scholars and practitioners in the discipline affect all aspects of this study.  We know that true excellence in the science and practice of Psychology ​in Chicago and internationally requires increasing the diversity, in its many forms, of our scholars. Diversity is essential in order to broaden the perspectives and capacity of the discipline.  

As we strive for increasing diversity, we endeavor to foster an inclusive environment that sustains diversity.  We aim to provide equitable opportunities, to confront and overcome bias, harassment, discrimination, and systemic oppression. We want to create spaces and places where everyone has a sense of belonging and opportunity to contribute. We are dedicated to continually ask the Vincentian question “What must be done?”  And there is room for more voices. You are invited to join in the study of Psychology as we journey to understand and improve the human experience.

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