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BA in Psychology - Online Degree Program

The BA in Psychology can be completed online, by transfer students, if certain prerequisites and additional degree requirements are met. This online degree program is available for two concentrations within the psychology major: the Standard BA Concentration and the Human Development BA Concentration.


Admission criteria for online program:

In order to be eligible for the BA in Psychology online format, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a transfer student with a minimum of 45 quarter hours/30 semester hours of transfer credit
  • Have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Be in good standing at the last school attended

Prerequisites: Transfer students are encouraged to complete writing courses equivalent to DePaul’s WRD 103 and 104 Composition & Rhetoric I and II (i.e. English Composition 101, and 102) requirements prior to beginning the online courses. Additionally, students will need to complete college algebra equivalent to DePaul’s MAT 100 or 101 (or a higher math course) before enrolling in the online program. Students who have successfully completed Statistics and/or Calculus will not need to take the math placement test.

Students should plan to complete all, or almost all, of their psychology courses at DePaul. Some elective and liberal studies courses may be completed with transfer credits. Consult the Transfer Course List for transferrable courses that may apply to Liberal Studies Program (LSP) and elective course requirements.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements:

The following degree requirements will need to be fulfilled in addition to the online course offerings:

  • Complete the Modern Language requirement through transfer course work, credit by exam (CLEP), or proficiency credit. (Proficiency credit may be awarded to students who achieve a satisfactory rating in a language proficiency examination administered or accepted by DePaul University.)
  • Complete English Composition I through transfer course work or credit by exam (CLEP).

Graduation requirements for the BA in Psychology online degree program are identical to those for all Psychology majors in the Standard Psychology or Human Development concentrations (see the current Course Catalog for details). DePaul bachelor’s degrees require 192 quarter hours.

To complete the degree requirements online in a timely fashion, students will need to follow the recommended online degree plan:

Transfer students should select the Psychology Online Degree Program as their major when submitting a transfer application for admission to DePaul.

For more information about the BA in Psychology online degree, contact the Admissions Office at DePaul University.​