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Psychology (BA)

Follow Your Interests...

As an undergraduate student majoring in psychology you will have a chance to structure the program to meet your academic and career goals with plenty of support from our staff and faculty. There’s room to explore! When you earn a Bachelor of Arts, you can also:

  • Achieve minor(s) or a double major in complementary fields
  • Participate in Study Abroad
  • Participate in Departmental and/or University Honors programs
  • Get hands-on experience working with dynamic research teams
  • Gain practical field experience with career-specific internships
  • Meet requirements for professional and graduate programs
  • Get involved with clubs, peer mentoring and tutoring activities

Plan a specialized education in psychology to prepare you for a variety of careers...

Choose from one of our six Bachelor of Arts specialty concentrations to tailor your undergraduate training to meet your needs and goals. You can choose any concentration based on your interests.

  • Is the business area where you want to be? Consider our BA with Industrial/Organizational concentration and its focus on business and industry. Learn about psychological tools used to select and motivate employees and create productive work environments that honor the work/life balance.
  • Are you planning for a career in the helping professions and want to apply to programs in clinical or counseling psychology, or social work? Consider our BA with a Human Services concentration. This option includes specialized junior year classes that prepare you for a year-long senior year internship, gaining valuable networks and experience.
  • Are you someone who likes to advocate for others and seek strategies for positive organizational or community change, or are you considering pursuing an advanced degree in clinical, counseling, or community psychology? Consider our BA with a Community concentration. Students learn about intervention models in the junior year and engage in community-based fieldwork in the senior year.
  • Are you interested in psychology across the lifespan or a career working with children? Consider our BA with Human Development concentration with its focus on children and adolescence. Supplement this learning with hands-on experience in research, volunteering, or internship.
  • Do you want broad training in the field and/or are you planning to go to graduate school in psychology? Consider our BA with a Standard concentration that covers the core disciplines in psychology.