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Honors Program

The Honors program enables students to complete a supervised research project during the student’s senior year. The student works directly with a faculty sponsor on the research project (and may also work closely with a graduate student supervised by that faculty member), completes whatever final assessment is determined suitable by the faculty sponsor (e.g., thesis, paper for submission to professional journal), and presents their findings in poster form at Psych Night (late May/early June). The student also attends regular seminars with other Honors students (scheduling TBA).

Eligibility Requirements
  1. Minimum overall GPA 3.3
  2. Minimum Psychology GPA 3.5
  3. Supervision commitment from faculty sponsor (and faculty signature on application form)
  4. Completion of PSY 240, 241, 242 with no less than one A and two Bs
  5. Understanding of research area and feasibility of proposed research (as evidenced in application)

Procedure for Enrollment

  1. Students submit formal applications​ to Dr. Ralph Erber.
  2. Students accepted into the program register for 3 quarters and a maximum of 4 credits (0-4 credits per quarter) of PSY 391 Department Honors thesis and 3 quarters and a maximum of 4 credits (0-4 credits per quarter) of PSY 396 Honors in Psychology, using the Independent Study form.
  3. Students are encouraged (but not required) to enroll in
          a.   PSY 340 Statistics II and
          b.   PSY 342 Research Methods III or PSY 343 Psychological Measurement.