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Psychological Science Program Faculty

David W. Allbritton, PhD
Text comprehension, cognition, applications of technology to learning, medical education.

Jessica M. Choplin, PhD
Judgment & decision making, consumer fraud and protection, attribute evaluations (e.g., evaluation of price and other consumer product attributes, food body size).

Ralph H. Erber, PhD
Self regulation of mood and emotions, ironic processes in mental control, interpersonal relationships.

Pablo Gomez, PhD
Our lab studies human memory, perceptual decision making, and lexical/orthographic processing using eye tracking, traditional cognitive psychology paradigms, and mathematical modeling.

Verena Graupmann, PhD
Threats to central self-motives: Freedom, Consistency, Continuity, Belonging, and unwanted relationships.

Yan Li, PhD
Social development, childhood aggression, peer relations, parenting beliefs and behaviors, and cross-cultural research on these topics.

Joseph A. Mikels, PhD
Emotion-cognition interactions, adult life-span development, social and emotional development, cognitive development, decision making, aging.

Kimberly Quinn, PhD
Face processing and social categorization, behavioral synchrony, mentalizing and self-other representation, moral judgment and moral emotion.

Christine E. Reyna, PhD
The influence of stereotypes on attributional judgments, interpersonal dynamics and political decision making, the impact of interpersonal goals on impression formation and maintenance.

Sandra Virtue, PhD
Neural activity during reading, the role of the hemispheres of the brain in language, inference generation during text comprehension.