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Psychological Science Program Faculty

David W. Allbritton, PhD
Cognitive Psychology: Text comprehension, cognition, applications of technology to learning, medical education.

Jessica M. Choplin, PhD
Cognitive Psychology: Judgment & decision making, consumer fraud and protection, attribute evaluations (e.g., evaluation of price and other consumer product attributes, food body size).

Ralph H. Erber, PhD
Social Psychology: Self regulation of mood and emotions, ironic processes in mental control, interpersonal relationships.

Verena Graupmann, PhD
Social/Cultural Psychology: Psychology of the self; threats to central self-motives: freedom, consistency, continuity, belonging; social identity; cross-cultural research.

Yan Li, PhD
Developmental psychology: Social development; child and adolescent aggression; peer relations; parenting beliefs and behaviors; cross-cultural research.

Joseph A. Mikels, PhD
Developmental Psychology: Emotion-cognition interactions, adult life-span development, social and emotional development, cognitive development, decision making, aging.

Kimberly Quinn, PhD
Social-Cognitive Psychology: Face processing, behavioral synchrony, awe, interactions with natural versus built spaces.

Christine E. Reyna, PhD
Social psychology: Identity; prejudice and discrimination; intergroup violence; political psychology.

Sandra Virtue, PhD
Cognitive Neuroscience: Neural activity during reading, the role of the hemispheres of the brain in language, inference generation during text comprehension.