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Joseph Mikels

  • Professor, Psychological Science, Community Psychology
  • ​​​​​PhD​​​       ​​
  • Psychology
  • (773) 325-7887
  • ​​
  • ​​​Byrne Hall, Room 516​​​       


Postdoctoral fellow, Psychology, Stanford University, 2003-2006
PhD, Psychology, University of Michigan, 2003
MS, Psychology, University of Michigan, 2000
BA, Psychology and German, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1998, Summa cum laude

Major Areas of Interest
  • Emotion-cognition interactions
  • Aging and adult life-span development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognitive development
  • Judgement and decision making
Representative Sample of Publications

Mikels, J. A., Cheung, E., Cone, J., & Gilovich, T. (2013). The dark side of intuition: Aging and increases in nonoptimal intuitive decisions. Emotion, 13(2), 189-195.

Reed, A. E., Mikels, J. A., & Löckenhoff, C. E. (2013). Preferences for choice across adulthood: Age trajectories and potential mechanisms. Psychology And Aging, 28(3), 625-632.

Cheung, E. O. & Mikels, J. A. (2011). I’m feeling lucky: The relationship between affect and risk-seeking in the framing effect. Emotion, 11(4), 852-859.

Mikels, J. A., Loeckenhoff, C. E., Maglio, S. J., Goldstein, M. K., Garber, A., & Carstensen, L. L. (2010). Following your heart or your head: Focusing on emotions versus information differentially influences the decisions of younger and older adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 16(1), 87-95.

Sullivan, S., Mikels, J. A., & Carstensen, L. L. (2010). You never lose the ages you’ve been: Affective perspective taking in older adults. Psychology and Aging, 25(1), 229-234.

Mikels, J. A., Reed, A. E., & Simon, K. I. (2009). Older adults place lower value on choice relative to young adults. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 64B(4), 443-446.

Mikels, J. A., Reuter-Lorenz, P. A., Beyer, J. A., & Fredrickson, B. L. (2008). Emotion and working memory: Evidence for domain-specific processes for affective maintenance. Emotion, 8(2), 256-266.

Ersner-Hershfield, H., Mikels, J. A., Sullivan, S. J., & Carstensen, L. L. (2008). Poignancy: Mixed emotional experience in the face of meaningful endings. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 94(1) 158-167.​