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Verena Graupmann

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  • Psychological Science PhD Program Director; Associate Professor
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  • Psychology; Psychological Science
  • (773) 325-8225
  • ​​​Byrne Hall, Room 525​​​​       

Venia Legendi (Habilitation), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany, 2014
Ph.D. Social Psychology, University of Sussex, UK, 2008
M. A. Psychology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany, 2002
Major Areas of Interest
  • Threats to central self motives:
    • Freedom (psychological reactance, control)
    • Consistency (cognitive dissonance)
    • Continuity (mortality salience, time perspective)
    • Belonging (social exclusion)

Representative Sample of Publications

Graupmann, V. (2018) Tell me what threatens you and I can tell who you are: Perception of threat and the self. Self & Identity, 17 (4), 407-417.

Dulaney, E., Graupmann, V., Quinn, K. (2017). Who am I and how often? Variation in self-essentialism beliefs, cognitive style, and well-being. Personality and Individual Differences, doi: 10.1016/j.paid.2017.10.011

Graupmann, V., Pfundmair, M., Matsoukas, P., & Erber, R. (2016). Rejection via video: The impact of observed group and individual rejection. Social Psychology, 47, 345-350.

Pfundmair, M. , Aydin, N., Frey, D., Du. H, Yeung, S., & Graupmann, V. (2015). Exclude me if you can – cultural effects on the outcomes of social exclusion. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46 (4), 579-596.

Pfundmair, M. , Graupmann, V., Frey, D., & Aydin, N. (2015). The different behavioral intentions of collectivists and individualists in response to social exclusion. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41 (3), 363-378.

Silveira, S., Gutyrchik, E., Wetherell, G. , Frey, D., Blautzik, J., Meindl, T., Reiser, M., Bao, Y., Poeppel, E., & Graupmann, V. (2015). Ceci n’est pas la mort: Evidence for the recruitment of self-reference from surrealistic art under mortality salience. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45 (3), 255-266.

Graupmann, V., Peres, I., Michaely, T., Meindl, T., Frey, D., Fehse, K., & Gutyrchik, E. (2013) Culture and its neurofunctional correlates when death is in mind. Neuroscience Letters, 548, 239-243.

Graupmann, V., Frey, D., & Streicher, B. (2013) The self-fortress: Motivational responses to threats to the self. In B. O. Hunter, T. J. Romero (eds.). Psychology of threat. (pp.1-29) New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Graupmann, V., Jonas, E., Meier, E., Hawelka S. & Aichhorn, M. (2012). Reactance, the self and its group: When threats to freedom come from the in-group versus the out-group. European Journal of Social Psychology. 42, 164-173.