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Community Psychology Faculty


Bernadette San​chez, PhD
Community Program Director;  Professor, Community Psychology
Positive youth development​; youth mentoring​; race, ethnicity, and culture; academic achievement and education

Joseph Ferrari, PhD
Professor, Community Psychology
Chronic procrastination; impostor phenomena; self-handicapping and attribution; attitude change & persuasion; community-based service-learning & volunteerism; community building & sense of community; recovery from addiction; health psychology and program evaluation; behavior analysis in the community

Megan Greeson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Community Psychology 
Violence against women; community response to sexual assault; victims' help-seeking; collaboration; program evaluation; alternate settings and systems changes

Leonard Jason, PhD
Director of Center for Community Research; Professor, Community Psychology
Public policy; community-based interventions; chronic illness; Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome case definitions and pediatric epidemiology; addictions; recovery homes; re-integrating ex-offenders into the community; violence prevention

Joseph Mikels, PhD
Associate Professor, Community Psychology
Emotion-cognition interactions; aging and adult life-span development; social and emotional development; cognitive development; judgement and decision making

Susan Dvorak McMahon, PhD
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, CSH; Professor, Community Psychology
Building competencies of urban, at-risk youth through school-based interventions; understanding risk and protective factors at multiple levels; enhancing our educational systems; violence prevention; program evaluation

LaVome Robinson, PhD 
Professor, Community Psychology
Minority mental health; health promotion; adolescent risk and protective factors; adolescent violence and depression prevention; school-based interventions

Affiliate Faculty 

Luciano Berardi, PhD
Director of the McNair Scholars program 
Young adulthood; educational access and attainment; mentoring; ethnic minority youth; transitions. 

Olya Glantsman, PhD
Cultural Diversity, Improving Academic Environments for Students and Faculty, Community Psychology Values, Substance Abuse Recovery; Teaching of Psychology​.

Howard Rosing, PhD
Executive Director of the Steans Center for Community Based Service learning 
Urban food access; migration; economic restructuring; community health. 

Emeritus Faculty 

Christopher B. Keys, PhD
Empowerment of people with disabilities; culture and attitudes; community research methods; health policy.

Community Psychology Faculty News

Lenny Jason was awarded the 2015 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research.

Lynn Liao is serving as an intern with the SCRA Policy Committee in 2014-2015.

Alescia Hollowell was awarded a 2014-2015 Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellowship.

Adina Cooper, Jaclyn Houston, and Ife Williams won student poster awards at the SCRA program of the Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting in May 2014.

Bernadette Sanchez was awarded the 2014 Ethnic Minority Mentoring Award for Division 27 of APA (Community Psychology).