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Community Psychology Faculty


Joseph Mikels, PhD
Community Program Director; Associate Professor, Community Psychology Emotion-cognition interactions; aging and adult life-span development; social and emotional development; cognitive development; judgement and decision making

Joseph Ferrari, PhD
Professor, Community Psychology
Chronic procrastination; impostor phenomena; self-handicapping and attribution; attitude change & persuasion; community-based service-learning & volunteerism; community building & sense of community; recovery from addiction; health psychology and program evaluation; behavior analysis in the community

Megan Greeson, PhD
Associate Professor, Community Psychology 
Violence against women; community response to sexual assault; victims' help-seeking; collaboration; program evaluation; alternate settings and systems changes

Leonard Jason, PhD
Director of Center for Community Research; Professor, Community Psychology
Public policy; community-based interventions; chronic illness; Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome case definitions and pediatric epidemiology; addictions; recovery homes; re-integrating ex-offenders into the community; violence prevention

Susan Dvorak McMahon, PhD
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, CSH; Professor, Community Psychology
Building competencies of urban, at-risk youth through school-based interventions; understanding risk and protective factors at multiple levels; enhancing our educational systems; violence prevention; program evaluation

LaVome Robinson, PhD 
Professor, Community Psychology
Minority mental health; health promotion; adolescent risk and protective factors; adolescent violence and depression prevention; school-based interventions

Affiliate Faculty 

Luciano Berardi, PhD
Director of the McNair Scholars program 
Young adulthood; educational access and attainment; mentoring; ethnic minority youth; transitions. 

Olya Glantsman, PhD
Cultural Diversity, Improving Academic Environments for Students and Faculty, Community Psychology Values, Substance Abuse Recovery; Teaching of Psychology.

Howard Rosing, PhD
Executive Director of the Steans Center for Community Based Service learning 
Urban food access; migration; economic restructuring; community health. 

Emeritus Faculty 

Christopher B. Keys, PhD
Empowerment of people with disabilities; culture and attitudes; community research methods; health policy.