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Leonard Jason

  • Director of Center for Community Research; Professor, Clinical Psychology, Community Psychology
  • ​​​PhD​​​       ​​
  • Psychology
  • (773) 325-2018

BA Psychology, Brandeis University, 1971
PhD Clinical/Community Psychology, University of Rochester, 1975

Major Areas of Interest
Representative Sample of Publications​​​​

Robinson, W. L., Brown, M., Beasley, C., & Jason, L.A. (2015). Prevention and promotion interventions. In M.A. Bond, C. Keys, & I. Serrano-Garcia (Eds.). Handbook of Community Psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Jason, L. A., Beasley, C. R., & Hunter, B.A. (2014). Advocacy and social justice. In V. Chien & S.M. Wolfe (Ed.). Foundations of Community Psychology Practice. New York: Sage.

Jason, L.A. & Aase, D.M. (2014). Community-clinical psychology. In M.M.D. Rodriguez (Ed.). APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology. Volume 1. Clinical Psychology: Roots and Branches. Washington, DC.: American Psychological Association.

Jason, L.A., Sunnquist, M., Brown, A., Evans, M., Vernon, S.D., Furst, J., & Simonis,V. (2014). Examining case definition criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health, and Behavior, 2, 40-56.

Jason, L.A. (2013). Principles of Social Change. New York: Oxford University Press.

Jason, L.A., & Glenwick, D.S. (2012). Innovative methodological approaches to community-based research: Theory and application. Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Jason, L.A., Olson, B.D., & Foli, K. (2008). Rescued lives: The Oxford House approach to substance abuse. New York: Routledge.




Jason, L.A., & Perdoux, M. (2004). Havens: True stories of community healing. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.

Policy Papers

The Effects of Sequestration (Link



ite Paper on Recovery Residences (Link)

Professional Associations


estern Psychological Association, Charter Fellow

American Psychological Association, Fellow

APA Division 27 (Society for Community Research and Action), Fellow

​Association for Psychological Science, Fellow