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Transfer Credit Approval

Students interested in transferring graduate credit from another program at DePaul or from a program at a different institution toward a graduate program in DePaul's College of Science and Health (CSH) must complete the Transfer Credit Approval form and obtain written approval from their CSH graduate program director and the CSH associate dean for graduate studies. The completed Transfer Credit Approval form and course syllabi must be submitted to the Graduate Student Services Administrator. Please note: Transfer credit can only be awarded for graduate level coursework which has not counted toward the completion of a degree at DePaul or any other institution.

If the credit is approved via the Transfer Credit Approval form, then students must request from the external institution that their official transcripts be directly sent to the following address:

DePaul University, Office of Graduate Admission, Attn: College of Science and Health, 2400 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

Graduate Transfer Credit Approval Request Form.pdf