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Transfer Credit Approval

Graduate students can request for academic credit earned at another institution be considered for transfer to DePaul University to fulfill graduate degree requirements. A maximum of two semester-based courses or three quarter-based courses to not exceed the equivalent of twelve quarter hours may be accepted as transfer credit upon approval of the student's program director. Credit will only be transferred for courses that have equivalents in the DePaul curriculum as determined by the program director. Transfer credit can only be awarded for graduate level coursework which has not counted toward the completion of a degree at DePaul or any other institution.

To transfer academic credit, you must submit one Transfer Credit Approval form for each course requested for transfer to the respective program director. Only if the program director approves the transfer credit, then the Transfer Credit Approval form with their signature must be scanned and emailed to the associate director ofgraduate student services at in the College of Science and Health's Office of Advising and Student Services. Instructions are found on the form. If your request is either approved or denied, then you will be notified of the decision via email.

If your request is approved - and after you successfully complete the course - then you must send your official transcripts for the transferred course to Graduate Admissions via email to or:

DePaul University
Office of Graduate Admission
College of Science and Health
2400 N Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

If you have any questions about the transfer credit approval process, then please do not hesitate to contact the College of Science and Health's Office of Advising and Student Services at 773-325-8490.