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Pre-Health Advising

​​ The College of Science and Health's (CSH) Office of Advising and Student Services' pre-health advisors and the Pre-health Advising Committee (PAC) offer specialized advising for any DePaul student interested in pursuing a graduate health professions program. 

The pre-health advisors​ and the PAC are the two primary supports for pre-health advising in the CSH. The pre-health advisors and PAC pride themselves on mentoring and advising pre-professional students on how to become competitive applicants to professional programs.

At DePaul University, pre-health is not considered a major, minor, or concentration, therefore, any student in any major is able to REGISTER for the Pre-Health Program and start taking advantage of its benefits.

The pre-health advisors in the Office of Advising and Student Services are committed to advising students who are interested in entering a health profession. During your visit with the pre-health advisor, you will be empowered to design a pre-professional program that fulfills admissions requirements, volunteer requirements, and shadowing requirements to be considered a strong applicant to professional school. Any Pre-health Program student or recent alumni (within three years of degree conferral date) from DePaul University can get advice and support from the pre-health advisors. The pre-health advisors can counsel you in a variety of ways:

  • Setting up a pre-health timeline starting with your first year to make sure you are meeting prerequisites and deadlines
  • Addressing the academic requirements necessary for programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Podiatric Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy Studies, Pathologists' Assistant Studies, Physician Assistant Studies, and many more
  • Assisting to make sure you are fulfilling all prerequisites for the professional programs that interest you
  • Providing you with expectations that graduate health professions programs might have for you, and coaching you to be a competitive applicant
  • Directing you to opportunities and experiences for internships, volunteering, shadowing and student research
  • Discussing with you the application and standardized entrance exam process for your desired graduate health professions program
  • Meeting with you to discuss how to be supported by the Pre-health Advising Committee's (PAC) faculty mentors during your junior and senior years.
  • Sending invitations to you for pre-professional upcoming events, including workshops, speaker events, and many other professional development and leadership opportunities in collaboration with the Career Center
You may schedule an appointment with the pre-health advisor by calling 773-325-8490.

After you have been registered as a Pre-Health Program student, earned at least C grades in each general biology and general chemistry course, including labs, earned at least 32 credit hours in residence at DePaul University, and achieved at least a cumulative 3.00 GPA, you are eligible for services from the Pre-health Advising Committee (PAC). Exceptions to these criteria will be evaluated by the pre-health advisor on a case-by-case basis, and be referred to the PAC for consideration.

The benefits of the PAC include:

  • During your junior and senior year, you are assigned to a PAC faculty mentor who will guide you through the application process for your intended graduate health professions program
  • Preparing you for writing application essays and personal statements
  • Coaching you for professional school interviews
  • Receiving a committee letter of recommendation on College of Science and Health letterhead for your professional schools of choice

If you have questions about the PAC, please call 773-325-8490 to schedule an appointment with a pre-health advisor.