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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Pre-Health Program? The College of Science and Health's Pre-Health Program provides pre-professional students with specialized advising through professional pre-health advisors, workshops and events about health professions, and opportunities to network with other students who are interested in pursuing a graduate health professions program.

Can I major in pre-health? No - At DePaul pre-health is not considered a major, minor, or concentration, but any DePaul student with any major is able to register for the Pre-Health Program to start taking advantage of its benefits.

What types of careers are included in pre-health advising? Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medicine (MD and DO), Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pathologists' Assistant, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician AssistantPodiatry, Public Health, and Veterinary Medicine. You can find more information about these individual career paths by meeting with a pre-health advisor or on the Health Careers page.

Why should I register for the Pre-Health Program? Once registered for the Pre-Health Program, students will be placed on an email list and will receive communication about upcoming workshops and events, shadowing, research and volunteering opportunities, and state and national conferences. Also, in order to be considered eligible to receive Pre-Health Advising Committee (PAC) services, students must be registered for the Pre-Health Program.

Does the Pre-Health Program offer workshops and events? Yes - Once you are registered for the Pre-Health Program you will recieve weekly emails that will include all of the upcoming workshops and events. You can also follow us on instagram @DepaulPreHealth. 

Does the Pre-Health Program offer a shadowing program?  Yes - The shadowing program offers limited opportunities, and it is very selective.  You may find more information on the Volunteering, Shadowing, and Leadership Opportunities page.

Do you have any information about acceptance rates into different graduate health professions programs? We try to maintain records of acceptance rates into graduate health professions programs. You may find information about institutions where DePaul students have been admitted on the Health Careers page under each individual program.

Into what graduate health professions schools and programs have DePaul alumni been admitted?  DePaul alumni have been very successful at being admitted into a broad array of schools and programs, including many prestigious institutions. You may find information about institutions where DePaul students have been admitted on the Health Careers page under each individual program.

Can Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program students and non-degree seeking students register for the Pre-Health Program? Yes - As long as you are currently enrolled in courses at DePaul, you are eligible to register for the Pre-Health Program and meet with the pre-health advisors.

What is the Pathways Honors Program? Pathways Honors Program is an honors program in the College of Science and Health for highly academically prepared students interested in pursuing a graduate health professions program.  For more information about Pathways Honors please visit the Pathways Honors Program webpage and review the FAQs and eligibility requirements.

What is the Early Opportunity Program (EOP)? The EOP is a benefit of the Pathways Honors Program.  Eligible Pathways Honors students have the opportunity to apply to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFU) at the end of their freshman, sophomore, or junior year at DePaul.  Students who are conditionally accepted may matriculate at RFU at the end of either their third year (3+ Accelerated Program) or fourth year (4+ Traditional Program) at DePaul.  For more information about the EOP, please click here.

What is the Pre-Health Advising Committee (PAC)? The PAC is a CSH committee comprised of faculty and staff who work closely with eligible Pre-Health Program students interested in applying to graduate health professions programs. Students will be mentored by the PAC during the year when they apply to professional school. PAC services include the opportunity for students to participate in specialized workshops designed to prepare them for applying to professional school, the assignment of a faculty mentor who will help guide students through the application process, and, for some graduate health professions programs, the opportunity to have a committee letter of recommendation written on the students' behalf.

Do I have to meet certain eligibility requirements to take advantage of PAC services?  Yes - In order to receive PAC services students must be registered with the Pre-Health Program, have earned at least 32 credit hours in residence at DePaul, completed general biology and general chemistry sequences and labs with a C- or above in each course, and have earned a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA.

When can I register with the PAC?  Students cannot register themselves with the PAC.  Every autumn quarter, the Pre-Health Advisor will automatically invite - via email - eligible Pre-health Program students to register with the PAC.  The advisor will send the invitation to qualified students between August - December.  After receiving the invitation, in order to successfully register, students must accept and reply to the Pre-Health Advisor by the immediately following January 1st.  To ensure you receive the invitation to register with the PAC, please make sure that your preferred email address in Campus Connect is correct.

When should I request a PAC committee letter of recommendation, if I need one? Not all graduate health professions programs expect a committee letter.  For those that do, the PAC committee letter process runs only once a year from November - April, and you should request the committee letter by November 4th of the year when you plan to apply to a graduate health professions program.

If I am registered with the PAC, am I guaranteed a committee letter? No - The faculty and staff who serve on the PAC want to make sure all PAC-registered students are prepared and competitive for the application process. If the faculty and staff have reservations about your competitiveness, they may suggest other options to consider, including taking a gap year to improve your credentials.

I am a DePaul alum. Can I request a PAC committee letter of recommendation? Alumni who were registered with the PAC as DePaul students are still eligible for PAC services, within three years of the date of their degree conferral.

I received a PAC committee letter of recommendation, but I deferred my application.  Will I need to go through the PAC committee letter process again? No - The PAC will hold your committee letter for up to three years from the original date when it was written. Students who defer should email by January 1st of the year when they plan to use the letter to apply to a graduate health professions program.

What are the Accelerated 3+ Programs? The Accelerated 3+ Programs are limited to qualified Pathways Honors Program students under the program's Early Opportunity Program (EOP) option.  They are designed to accelerate students into a select program at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science after completing only three years at DePaul.  Another 3+ Accelerated Program links to DePaul's School of Nursing, but it is not part of the EOP.  Please visit the Accelerated Degree Options Webpage for more information about the programs and eligibility requirements.