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Pre-Health Advising Committee (PAC)


The role of the College of Science and Health's (CSH) Pre-Health Advising Committee (PAC) is to oversee pre-health advising for DePaul undergraduate and graduate students intending to pursue a health career in one of the health professions (i.e. medicine, dentistry, podiatry, physician assistant, nursing, optometry, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, pathologists' assistant, or veterinary medicine). The PAC will support, mentor, and guide Pre-Health Program​ students through the professional school application process.


In order to utilize PAC services, DePaul students must be actively enrolled at DePaul, must have completed their general biology and general chemistry sequences, including labs, with at least a C in each course, registered for the Pre-Health Program, achieved at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA, and earned at least 32 credit hours in residence at DePaul University. Exceptions to these criteria will be evaluated by the pre-health advisor on a case-by-case basis, and be referred to the PAC for consideration.

Alumni who were registered with the PAC as DePaul students are still eligible for PAC services, within three years of the date of their degree conferral.

PAC services:

PAC serves to assist eligible students in the process of selecting and applying to graduate health professions programs in the following ways:

  • Mentoring by a faculty member
  • Preparing a customized timeline for application to a professional school
  • Assisting with writing application essays and personal statements
  • Providing information about scheduling and preparing for standardized entrance exams
  • Preparing for the professional school interview process, including the Atlus Suite (Casper, Snapshot, and Duet), AAMC PREview exam, and Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)
  • Writing a committee letter of recommendation on CSH letterhead for students who apply to graduate health professions programs; typically, the following programs expect committee letters from applicants whose undergraduate institutions provide an opportunity for a committee letter: medicine (MD and DO), dentistry, podiatry, and optometry 

If you have questions about the PAC or if you would like details about it, please contact the pre-health advisor in the Office of Advising and Student Services by calling 773-325-8490 or emailing​.