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Clinical Psychology Admission Requirements

Applications are due April 10th. Please review the Admission Requirements page carefully, as admissions this year are contingent on availability of grant funding.   

The Clinical program typically accepts six students per year — three in the Child track, and three in the Community tr​ack. Admission is highly competitive, with more than 400 applicants per year. The review process is separate for each track, and admission decisions take into account match to the program and specific faculty who can serve as mentors. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to learn more about the Clinical-Child track, the Clinical-Community track, and our faculty.​

We are planning to review applications for admission to the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Programs in fall 2024 contingent on funding. Therefore, our admissions process is very different this year, so please read carefully. We have applied for a training grant and will only accept students for Fall 2024 if this grant is funded.  You may apply as soon as the portal accepts applications if you choose, but the deadline is delayed until April 10th, and your application will only be reviewed if initial reviews suggest the grant will be funded. You may wait to apply in April, when there will be more clarity regarding funding. Due to the uncertainty of funding this year, all application fees for our program will be waived for domestic applications. We are unable to waive the application fee for international applications because the university will still be providing a credential evaluation.   

Typically, our programs accept students with a wide range of interests, including those who are interested in applied careers (e.g., evaluation, consultation). However, this grant focuses on training researchers from underrepresented backgrounds, with interests in health disparities, prevention, and advanced research methods.  So, please make sure this is a good fit with your interests and background and speak to these focal areas in your application. 

 Please provide your contact information here if you would like to receive communication about the status of the grant and application process.  We will also update the website when we have additional information. We recognize this is unusual, and yet we are excited about the resources and training opportunities that this grant could bring to students and our program.  

 We do plan to admit students to the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program via university funding for Fall 2025.  

If you have further questions, please contact Laura Griggs, Graduate Program Coordinator at, or Susan Tran, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Training at

Students can only apply to one track and should list 1-3 potential faculty members whom they are interested in having as a primary mentor on their personal statement and application. ​​

Click Here to view a recording of the program overview from 2021 Virtual Interview Day.

Click Here​ to view a recording of the 2021 Clinical Program Virtual Open House.

Please read through the general instructions before filling out the online application. When filling out the online application please select the Psychology Graduate Programs application, not the College of Science and Health application.

International Admission

Students educated outside the United States must present proof of English proficiency. The program requires a minimum TOEFL score of 96 on the TOEFL iBT, or a minimum IELTS score of 7.0, or a minimum Duolingo score of 125.

For additional information for international students please visit our International Student Admission Process page.

Application Review

Consistent with our mission, the clinical program at DePaul University strongly encourages applications from students from under-represented ethnic minority groups, students with disabilities, and students who demonstrate a commitment to understanding the societal and systemic/ecological forces that have contributed to current manifestations of inequality for many diverse groups such as for low-income, urban, and ethnically diverse populations and on how these conditions influence mental health, family/community processes, and access to mental health services.

The clinical program at DePaul University has decided to eliminate the GRE requirement for admission to our doctoral program during the 2024-2025 admissions cycle. In line with our program aims, we wish to remove the barriers that the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing racism pandemic have had on applicants' ability to prepare for the GRE. Our program has been conducting holistic review of all applications for many years. This means that the program has never set minimum GRE scores required for admissions, but has used the GRE as one piece of our holistic review. The program recognizes that GRE scores are correlated with ethnicity and sex and that they are unhelpful in predicting the success that students will have in doctoral programs. 

We recognize that some applicants may have already taken the GRE and may still wish for their scores to be submitted for evaluation. We also recognize that some students have prepared for the GRE or have been less negatively impacted by either pandemic. The program also knows that when some applicants submit GRE scores, other applicants may perceive that they also need to submit GRE scores to remain competitive. In order to truly eliminate the use of GRE scores, the program is not allowing any applicants to submit GRE scores with their admissions materials. The clinical program at DePaul funds its applicants equally and does not have additional admissions slots for applicants with high GRE scores. Thus, we do not have a compelling reason to continue the use of the GRE during this admissions cycle. This decision will be reviewed and evaluated at the conclusion of the 2024-2025​ admissions cycle to determine whether this change will be adopted for further cycles. 

Please note that programs at other institutions may be continuing to use the GRE in their admissions process so applicants should review each program's materials. 

The holistic review process includes consideration of the following materials:

Previous Preparation in Psychology: Applicants are expected to have had courses in statistics, research methods, abnormal psychology, and other foundational areas of psychology to permit advanced study in this field. Applicants who did not major in psychology as undergraduate students should submit a brief narrative detailing their related experience.

Letters of Recommendation: Applicants should provide three letters of recommendation that address the applicant’s academic abilities, potential for conducting research, and ability to work with others.

Personal Statement:  The program uses the personal statement to evaluate fit for the program’s overall objectives. Applicants are encouraged to highlight their research interests and name faculty members with whom they would like to work with the track of interest (child or community). Please note that each track reviews applications separately so applicants should list only faculty members within one particular track. The personal statement should not exceed two pages in length (single-spaced).

Curriculum Vitae: Applicants are encouraged to submit a curriculum vitae (CV) to provide a comprehensive overview of their training and experience within the field of psychology. The CV is intended to complement the personal statement. 

Application Fee: The application fee is $40. If for any reason you would like to request a waiver of the application fee, you many contact the graduate coordinator (​ )for information.

Application Resources: Applying to graduate school in clinical psychology is challenging and many more qualified applicants apply than are able to be admitted to the program each year. Below, please find some helpful resources to consider as you prepare your application materials.  ​

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