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Faculty & Staff

Experts to help you succeed.

You expect our faculty members to have extensive clinical and research experience, and they do. What may surprise you is how passionate they are about teaching and how dedicated they are to your success. They’re easy to reach outside of class. They’ve been in your shoes—several of them changed careers to become nurses. They’ve had more experience helping adults become nurses than any other program in the region. Their effectiveness is evident; our graduates consistently pass the NCLEX-RN at higher rates than the national average.

Get connected.

Our faculty members’ long-term professional relationships in the metropolitan area ensure that you’ll have insightful and rewarding clinical experiences. You can count on them to do more than know your name. Your advisor will be a full-time faculty member. As your research interests become clear, you’ll be matched with a faculty member who shares them.

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  • Kim Amer

    Dr. Kim Siarkowski Amer

    • Director, Associate Professor, School of Nursing
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  • Rebecca Barron

    Rebecca Barron

    • Assistant Director, Master's Entry to Nursing Practice Program, Rosalind Franklin Campus; Interim Assistant Director, Master's Entry to Nursing Practice Program, Lincoln Park Campus; Clinical Assistant Professor
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  • Angel Butron

    Angel Butron

  • Stephanie Byrd

    Stephanie Byrd

    • Assistant Director, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, Assistant Professor
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  • Ursula Canli

    Ursula Canli

    • Assistant Director, RN to MS Nursing Program and Post-Graduate Certificate Program
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  • Deborah Coleman Givens

    Deborah Coleman Givens

  • Amanda Dirnberger

    Amanda Dirnberger

  • Alison DiValerio

    Alison DiValerio

  • Gre Gonzales

    Gre Gonzales

  • Barbara Harris

    Barbara Harris

  • Karyn Holm

    Karyn Holm

    • Professor Emeritus, Vincent DePaul Professor
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  • Jennifer Jackson

    Jennifer Jackson

  • Paula N. Kagan

    Paula N. Kagan

  • Margaret Kipta

    Margaret Kipta

  • Anne Kowalczyk

    Anne Kowalczyk

  • Young-Me Lee

    Young-Me Lee

    • Associate Professor, Vincent DePaul Professor
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  • Aima Mathew

    Dr. Suling Li

  • Carol Lynch

    Carol Lynch

    • Associate Director of Nursing Simulation Laboratories
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  • Halley Martin

    Halley Martin

  • Aima Mathew

    Aima Mathew

    • Nursing and Simulation Laboratories Educator
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  • Dana Merk

    Dana Merk

  • Karen Nejdl

    Karen Nejdl

  • Molly Netter

    Molly Netter

  • Michelle Neuman

    Michelle Neuman

  • Dorothy Otremba

    Dorothy Otremba

  • Dorothy Otremba

    Nome Park

  • Sheila Flynn Robbins

    Sheila Flynn Robbins

  • Bernadette Roche

    Bernadette Roche

  • Jennifer Sandoval

    Jennifer Sandoval

  • Shannon Simonovich

    Shannon Simonovich

    • Senior Associate Director for Academics & Engagement; Associate Professor
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  • Roxanne Spurlark

    Roxanne Spurlark

    • Associate Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, Assistant Professor
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  • Michael Stacey

    Michael Stacey

  • Aima Mathew

    Mark Vega

  • Kashica Webber-Ritchey

    Kashica Webber-Ritchey