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Student Resources

People, policies and processes.

Our small cohorts and attentive faculty members are just the start of your professional network. Connect with alumni and employers throughout the metropolitan area through DePaul’s chapter of the Student Nurses Association.

If you are a new student just beginning the Nursing program, please complete the School of Nursing Pre-Entrance Health Form and DePaul Health Requirements prior to your first day of classes. The health form must be uploaded to your CastleBranch account before the term begins. Additional CastleBranch instructions are found in the health requirements guidelines found here.

The Student Handbook is your guide to policies and processes: advising, graduation, dress codes, professional development guidelines and more.

And, because speed matters, here’s a quick link to the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan. If you’re a student who’s been exposed, go directly to section 11.2. If you’re an employee, go to section 11.1.​