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Two students listening to their professor in her office.

A tradition of excellence in research

The School of Nursing is committed to scholarship that affects healthcare across the nation. Our faculty are nationally recognized for their research, publishing across a diverse range of interests, from articles on oncology treatments to textbooks on emancipatory nursing. At DePaul, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with our faculty as they support, collaborate with, and guide you in your own research.

Research that matters to you

With a degree from DePaul, you’ll distinguish yourself from other nurses in the field. Graduate-level research gives you a unique skill-set that you can use as a professional nurse. You will be well-prepared to conduct evidence-based projects that guide practice and policy development.

Students in the Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice program will complete a research project oriented toward translational science and evidence-based care. Doctor of Nursing Practice students will conduct research that includes a needs assessment using evidence based practice, development and implementation of the program, evaluation of the program, and presentation of outcomes. The ability to immediately lead projects post-graduation gives our graduates an edge over other nurses.

Making a difference

Many of our faculty choose to focus their research on underserved and vulnerable populations, directly in line with DePaul’s Vincentian Identity. But our faculty also publish in a wide range of fields, including health promotion and disease prevention, quality and safety in nursing practice, simulation, interprofessional collaboration, mental health nursing, obstetrics, pediatrics, critical care, and everything in between. At DePaul, your professors are active researchers in fields that have a direct impact on the community and health care system.

"The lay person doesn’t realize that nurses contribute so much to healthcare research. This has been the cornerstone of our program."

Lauren (MENP ‘12)