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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Placement testing is done online through Campus Connect.  You can follow this navigation to begin the test: For Admitted Students>Next Steps>Placement Process>Math, Writing, or Modern Language buttons.  Generally, retests are not administered for any of the assessments unless there is a technical error that takes place during the time of the test. In that case, those retests need to be approved and requested by an advisor. If a retest is granted, your button will be re-activated and you will be able retest at that time.  It is important to take these tests seriously the first time around, as they are meant to ensure you are registered in the correct course to best build on your current skills in order to succeed in your studies at DePaul.

For more information, visit the Office of the University Registrar or online on Campus Connect.

You can contact your college office or your advisor to receive your placement process results.
The department offers mathematics tutoring free of charge to all students who are currently enrolled in a mathematics course offered through the Mathematics Department. Tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have done well in their mathematics courses. Their services are available on a first-come-first-served basis on both the LPC and Loop campuses. The primary job of the tutors is to assist students with homework and help them to understand the mathematical concepts; they are not allowed to help with take-home exams or quizzes.

First make sure that you have examined the tutoring schedule very carefully. Tutors are present on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses during most of the week from morning through early evening. If you are unable to see a tutor at a certain hour on one campus, you could consider going to the other campus. You can also speak to your instructor about obtaining extra help during office hours. Yet another possibility is to try out some mathematics tutoring software. If none of these possibilities works out for you, you may wish to obtain a private tutor. If so, you can contact the Mathematical Sciences Department at (773) 325-7806 for a list of private tutors.

Classroom assignments are usually posted online at Campus Connect a few days before classes begin. For the most up-to-date information, check your course schedule for your classroom assignment the day before or the day of classes.

If you believe you are in the wrong class, talk to your instructor about your concern as soon as possible. If your instructor asks to see your mathematics placement test scores before making a decision about your situation and you no longer have them, see the response above. If your instructor is unable to advise you, contact Nydia Rodriguez, the Mathematical Sciences Department administrative assistant, and ask to be put in touch with a mathematics faculty advisor. If you and your instructor and/or a mathematics faculty advisor agree that you belong in a different class, check with the instructor of that class to obtain written permission to join it. Take the permission note to the department secretary, who will arrange for you to be dropped from the one class and added to the other.
Prerequisites exist for a good reason. They are intended to ensure that students enrolled in a course have been adequately prepared to succeed in it. On rare occasions and for good cause, the instructor of a course may agree to waive a prerequisite. If you have reason to believe you can succeed in a course without having satisfied a prerequisite requirement, contact the instructor and discuss your situation before registering.
If you want admission into a closed class, you should put yourself on the waitlist if it is enabled for the class.  If the waitlist is not enabled you must get consent from that professor, whose contact information is on the departmental website. Provide the professor with your name, student ID number, and the specific class information (name, number, days & times). If approved, the class will be manually added to your schedule by the CSH College Office. There is no guarantee that you will be allowed to join a closed class, but it is always a good idea to ask. Deadlines for adding or dropping a course are strictly adhered to.
Consult with the chair before registering for the course. Be sure to have the course description(s) available when meeting with the chair. When you have the chair's permission to proceed, fill out the Transfer Credit Approval form for the College Office.

Math Programs FAQ

To matriculate into any graduate program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, you need to apply for admission through the College of Science and Health Office of Graduate Admission. To find out more information about available programs of study in mathematics at the graduate level, click here.
For a detailed list of requirements, look on the Department of Mathematical Sciences undergraduate majors.
It is a good idea to discuss your plans informally with a full-time faculty member in the department. A good choice would be an instructor you have had for a course. The next step is to fill out a declaration of major form, which you can obtain from the mathematical sciences department reception desk. After the declaration, make an appointment to meet with the mathematics chair. If you know the concentration you are interested in pursuing at the time you declare your major, be sure to write it on the form so that you can be assigned an advisor who specializes in that area. You should also make an appointment to see an academic advisor in the CSH College Office to ensure that you are on track with your Liberal Studies, electives and other general university requirements.
The combined degree programs allow interested students to complete both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in about five years. For more information, click here.
A student who double majors in mathematics and another subject must fulfill the requirements for both majors. Thus, you will need to declare a major and work with faculty in your other major department as well as in the Mathematical Sciences Department.
Although it is not required, students interested in a minor in mathematics or statistics should inform their college office of their intent. Once they have decided to pick up a math or statistics minor, it is a good idea to talk their decision over with a faculty member in the department who can advise them further about the minor requirements and other available courses that may be useful for their particular field of interest. See more information about Mathematics or Statistics minors.
All the information you need about each available concentration is found here for the BA and here for the BS.
Although all mathematics majors must fulfill the requirements of at least one concentration, they need not officially declare a concentration as they would a major. Since different concentrations require different courses, however, you are encouraged to decide on your concentration(s) as soon as possible. Yes, your concentration appears on your transcript. If you fulfill the requirements for two concentrations, both will appear on your transcript automatically.
Your mathematics faculty advisor can help you think about the Liberal Studies and open elective courses that best complement your concentration within the major. You can get an updated "Credit Evaluation Form" from the CSH College Office to help both you and your advisor know exactly your progress toward degree. Your faculty advisor can consult with the advisors in the College Office for complicated situations such as course placement, transfer credit approval and application for graduation. For more information, visit the Office of Advising and Student Services.
In general, regularly offered courses may not be taken as Independent Study courses. You must negotiate the topic and the criteria for completion with faculty, fill out an Independent Study Form and have it approved and signed by the faculty member. You must then submit your request to the Mathematics Department Chair or Program Director. You do not register for independent study courses online. If your independent study request is approved, then you will be manually added to the course by the College of Science and Health. Quarterly deadlines for registration do apply to all independent study courses, so please plan accordingly.