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The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers courses that will help students learn the fundamentals of pure and applied mathematics, preparing them for careers in mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, the social sciences, education, and business.

We offer courses leading to the following undergraduate degrees:

Actuarial Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science is the most comprehensive actuarial science degree in Chicago. It is offered in conjunction with the Driehaus College of Business. Students in this program complete coursework in accounting, economics, finance, mathematics, and statistics, including courses corresponding to the five preliminary actuarial exams offered by the Society of Actuaries and​ the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Data Science (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Data Science​ is offered in conjunction with the College of Computing and Digital Media. This program is designed to meet the growing demand for data scientists and data analysts. Students who pursue a degree through this program will learn the fundamentals of data science, including programming, data management, statistical inference, mathematical modeling, and data mining.

Mathematical Sciences (BA/BS)

The Mathematical Sciences degree program offers seven areas of concentration:

Students choosing to major in the Mathematical Sciences can choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). The Bachelor of Science degree requires students to complete an additional 16 quarter-hours of coursework in the natural or computer sciences.

Undergraduate Mathematical Science majors can apply to enter one of our combined degree programs by the Spring of their junior year. These programs enable students to complete both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in a total of about five years.

Mathematics & Computer Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science is offered in conjunction with the College of Computing and Digital Media. This joint program is designed to prepare students for graduate study in such areas of computer science as theoretical computer science, computer graphics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and computational methods in applied mathematics and numerical analysis. This program is also designed to prepare students to compete for the more theoretical complex jobs found in computer software development.

Minor in Mathematics or Statistics

A minor in Mathematics or Statistics can be a fitting complement to a variety of degree programs throughout the university.​​​​​