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Statistics Minor

The Statistics minor is designed for students who wish to apply advanced statistical skills to a career in engineering, physics, business, or biological science. 

Students will learn statistical computation, theory, and analysis.​

Course Requirements

A total of six courses are required based upon the below outline.

*Note:  This Calculus sequence is offered only during the summer, in two 6-credit hour courses.  Students successfully completing MAT 131, 147, 150 or 160 should enroll in MAT 155; students who successfully complete MAT 148, 151 or 161 should enroll in MAT 156.  Students who successfully complete MAT 155 may enroll in either MAT 151 or MAT 156.

Business students who have an exceptionally strong background in calculus, including calculus of trig functions, may be permitted by the chair to substitute MAT 135 BUSINESS CALCULUS I and MAT 136 BUSINESS CALCULUS II for MAT 150 CALCULUS I. ​

In case course offerings are not available, certain alternative substitutions can be made in consultation with the academic advisor and the chair.

Students cannot earn a minor in the same academic program as their major.

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