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Data Science (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Data Science is designed to meet the growing demand for data scientists or data analysts. 

By completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Collect, manage, interpret and analyze data in order to assist in data-driven decision-making 
  • Identify and solve problems using data-based analytical approaches 
  • Employ suitable tools and techniques to access data from various sources, such as data from relational databases or from the web 
  • Design programs in a variety of computational software platforms or computer languages that involve sanitizing, processing, and visualization of data 
  • Apply statistical methods, including regression and data mining techniques, to compute strength of relationships and perform classification 
  • Critique data analyses performed on a particular data set, and identify limitations in the inferences drawn from the data
If you have an interest or aptitude in the mathematical and computer sciences, and if you aspire to have an impactful and rewarding career, then consider becoming a data scientist.​


DePaul offers a Bachelor of Arts degree through the Mathematical Sciences Department in the College of Science and Health, and a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Computing and Digital Media. The two programs share a common core of courses that students take during the first two years. After the second year, the two degrees diverge in their emphasis and level of specialization. 

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Data Science will be advised to get contextualized experience by combining their degree with a minor or a second major in a different area of study. Fluency in data science and analytics will enable graduates with a dual focus to position themselves as the future leaders in their respective fields.


The increasing availability of digital information is changing the way businesses and organizations operate. More and more companies are in need of data science professionals with deep analytical and technical skills who can analyze massive amounts of data and extract information from complex data sources.

Our graduates will be prepared for the diverse uses of data science in business, industry, government, scientific research and society, and for advanced studies in applied statistics and data science. It has been established by well-respected job satisfaction surveys that data scientists earn top pay and have a high quality of life with low job stress.