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Can I do math?

​​Can I do math? Am I doing math already?

You ABSOLUTELY can do math, and you probably already do!

How can I start to do math?

Through classwork, conversations, projects with professors, summer programs like REUs and internships, or through doodling in a notebook during your morning commute.

Do I have to participate in a fancy summer program if I want to become a mathematician? Do I have to start college in calculus (or higher)?

No way! The most important thing you need is a love of mathematics. Everyone’s mathematical path looks different, and that informs the kind of mathematician they become. Our community is stronger (and our math is better!) because of its diversity in people, perspectives, and ideas.

Who does math? What does doing math even mean?

Check out these sites to learn about some of the many people who do math, and the many forms that their math can take. Then come talk to any of our faculty members about your future as a mathematician. We can’t wait to see you!