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CSH Residency Requirement Waiver Request

Students seeking to obtain a residency requirement waiver should review the following requirements and protocols before submitting a CSH Residency Requirement Waiver Request Form.

Current undergraduate students in the College of Science and Health are eligible to request a residency requirement waiver. The residency requirements for all undergraduate degree programs at the university are stated in the Undergraduate Student Handbook. Students are expected to consult with their advisor before beginning the waiver request process.

A completed Transfer Credit Approval (TCA) form will be required to demonstrate how courses taken at an external institution will satisfy your degree requirements at DePaul. Students should review the TCA policies and guidelines and follow the instructions for submitting the form to the Office of Advising and Student Services. Please be advised that approval of a residency requirement waiver request should be obtained prior to completing courses for transfer credit at an outside institution.

Courses listed on the TCA form that are being transferred from an outside institution must be reviewed and approved for transfer credit applicability by DePaul's Transfer Articulation Center (TrAC). The Course Lists tool should be used to determine if a course has already been articulated by TrAC. Students interested in taking a course that has not been articulated by TrAC must schedule an appointment through the Office of Advising and Student Services prior to submitting a residency waiver request form. This appointment will serve as an initial review of the TCA form and the basis for the request. Students can request an appointment by emailing

CSH residency requirement waiver requests are typically reviewed by the CSH Exceptions Committee on a bi-weekly basis during the academic year with the exception of summer term and official university closures. Waivers that are needed during the summer will be reviewed by the committee during spring term. The residency requirement waiver request form should be submitted by the deadline that corresponds with the start date of courses listed on the TCA form.

Submission Deadlines

Course Start Date
Autumn Term
June 15
December and Winter Terms
October 15
Spring Term
February 15
Summer Term
April 15

Failure to meet with an advisor or Office of Advising and Student Services representative, complete a TCA form, or submit the residency waiver request form by the specified deadline will result in a request being denied.

Students who have read and complied with these requirements and protocols should proceed to fill out and submit the CSH Residency Requirement Waiver Request Form.