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Declaration of Major

All students in the College of Science and Health are required to declare a major field of study prior to beginning their junior year. Students can formally change or declare a major or minor in Campus Connect by using the Change College, Major, Minor option. After logging into Campus Connect, click on For Students >Records and Registration >Change College, Major, Minor to declare or change a major or minor. To declare or change a concentration within a major or minor, students would use the same procedure described above. Please be aware that using this tool changes the major or minor on your official DePaul record.

Shortly after the change of major, students will be assigned to a faculty or staff advisor in the declared program. Students should make an appointment to meet with him/her before registration for the next quarter begins.

For the purpose of only exploring the possibility of changing a major field, the student should consult an academic advisor in the Office for Academic Advising Support (OAAS) in SAC 192 before formally declaring a major with this tool.