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Undergraduate Degree Options


The College of Science and Health offers a variety of majors. Once students have decided on a major, they should formally declare that major and meet with an advisor to develop a comprehensive plan of study.

Double Major

A double major allows students to pursue majors in two different areas of study. Students must fulfill the major field requirements in both majors to earn the degree associated with the primary major.

Students wishing to pursue a double major across colleges or schools at DePaul must meet the requirements for both majors. Some restrictions apply. Consultation with advisors in both colleges or schools is strongly encouraged.

When you are ready to make a decision about a double major, you must formally declare each one.


Most departments that offer majors also offer minor concentrations of study. Minors are elective; they are not mandatory. In most circumstances, a minor consists of a set of six courses, including both introductory and more specialized courses. Minors are open to students in all Colleges and Schools. However, students cannot minor in the same department in which they major.

When you are ready to make a decision about a minor, you must formally declare​ one.