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Pathways Honors FAQ

Why am I invited to the Pathways Honors Program?

​​​​​You are invited to this program based on the strength of your application for admission, your academic performance in high school and your interest in a degree program in the College of Science and Health.​​

I have never heard of a Pathways Honors Program; do other universities host similar or comparable programs?

​​​​​While many undergraduate institutions have agreements with universities to provide access to advanced-degree programs, DePaul’s Pathways Honors Program goes beyond a simple articulation agreement. Our Pathways Honors Program, as part of The Alliance for Health Sciences with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS), is specifically designed to prepare students for the rigors of graduate health professions programs. The Pathways Honors Program will give DePaul students a competitive edge when it comes to pursuing post-graduate opportunities at RFUMS or any other university by providing access to graduate-level advising and career advice, exposing students to RFUMS faculty through co-taught classes on DePaul’s campus, as well as providing access and exposure to RFUMS graduate-level classes, facilities and mentors.​

What is the advantage of enrolling at DePaul rather than pursuing undergraduate studies at another university that has a medical school?

​​​​​Many medical schools operate as independent entities. Not all universities with affiliated medical schools provide an advantage to applicants with an undergraduate degree from the host institution. As a result, DePaul graduates could be viewed as being on a level playing field as graduates from other institutions with affiliated medical schools. The benefit of The Alliance for the Health Sciences is that students who are interested in healthcare professions are given early exposure to faculty, staff and students from various areas of health care. Earlier exposure allows for exploration of options and provides a competitive edge when applying to graduate and professional education. This is a benefit not often available to undergraduate students at other institutions.​

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions about this program?

​​​​​Please contact​ or call (312) 362-8704 if you have additional questions.​