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Early Opportunity Program FAQ

The Early Opportunity Program gives Pathways Honors students an opportunity for an early admission decision into one of six professional programs at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science: medicine, pharmacy, podiatry, physician assistant, pathologists’ assistant, and physical therapy.
No – Pathways Honors students who are following a traditional four year course of study may also participate in the Early Opportunity Program.
The Early Opportunity Program is a highly competitive program. Typically students who have been admitted in the past have an exceptional cumulative GPA (3.7 or above), have completed significant shadowing of professionals in their desired profession, and have been volunteering in a position they are passionate about. 
No – As a Pathways Honors student, you are not required to pursue an Accelerated 3+ program, nor are you required to pursue the Early Opportunity Program.
Students must be in the College of Science and Health and in the Pathways Honors program to be eligible for the Early Opportunity Program. If a student also chooses to do an Accelerated 3+ program they must be a Health Sciences major for medicine, podiatry, physician assistant, pathologists’ assistant, and physical therapy. Students interested in the Accelerated 3+ program for pharmacy can major either in Health Sciences or in Chemistry (pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree).
Yes- the GPA requirement is dependent on the professional program you wish to enter.  Each program has specific grades and guidelines for admission. Please review the Early Opportunity Program of interest for more information. 
No – The standardized test for the program of pursuit is waived in the Early Opportunity Program. 
No - Students can apply to any professional school of interest. However, the benefits of the Early Opportunity Program and the Accelerated 3+ programs are only available for those students going to RFU.  Students applying to other schools will be required to take the admissions test required for the programs they apply to.   
No – There is no penalty if you decide to pursue professional studies at a different institution.