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Physics Faculty & Staff

Our faculty prides itself on being engaged and dedicated teachers as well as active scholars. We encourage involvement of undergraduates in the classroom and in the faculty's research. Feel free to contact us about how to get more involved in physics. ​

For general inquiries, please contact the Physics Department at​. ​

  • Bernhard Beck-Winchatz

    Bernhard Beck-Winchatz

  • Dr. Marten denBoer

    Dr. Marten denBoer

    • Provost and Professor of Physics
    • Physics
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  • Susan Fischer

    Susan Fischer

  • Chris Goedde

    Chris Goedde

  • John Goldman

    John Goldman

  • Gabriela Gonzalez Aviles

    Gabriela Gonzalez Aviles

  • Mary Bridget Kustusch

    Mary Bridget Kustusch

  • Eric Landahl

    Eric Landahl

    • Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
    • Physics
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  • Jignesh Mehta

    Jignesh Mehta

    • Teaching Assistant Professor
    • Physics
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  • Jesús Pando

    Jesús Pando

    • Chair and Associate Professor
    • Physics
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  • Anuj Sarma

    Anuj Sarma

    • Associate Professor & Joint Engineering Program Coordinator
    • Physics | STEM Studies
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  • James Scheidhauer

    James Scheidhauer