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Jignesh Mehta

  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • PhD​​​​​​
  • Physics and Astrophysics
  • (773) 325-2178
  • ​2219​ North Kenmore Avenue
    Byrne Hall 104A

Dr. Jignesh Mehta earned his BS in Physics, MS in Science Education and PhD in Physics from Purdue University. His interests lie in understanding how people make sense of complex ideas. In particular, he has studied the difficulties students have in understanding the climate system. Having taught physics for over a decade, he hopes his students will gain a better appreciation of physics as a living, changing field, rather than just a collection of static facts. In his free time, he enjoys movies and experiencing new foods. Every winter, he questions his decision to leave the warmth of his native Singapore tropics.


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Strickhouser, N., Roychoudhury, A., Hirsch, A., & Mehta, J. (2017). Teaching Informed by Conceptual Difficulties with Understanding the Greenhouse Effect. In Teaching and Learning about Climate Change: A Framework for Educators, 203. ​