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Eric Landahl​

  • Professor
  • ​​PhD​​​
  • Physics and Astrophysics
  • 773.325.3722
  • ​Byrne Hall 212       
Dr. Eric Landahl received his BA from the University of Chicago, MS from DePaul University, and PhD from the University of California, Davis. He worked as a research scientist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Argonne National Laboratory before returning to DePaul University as a faculty member in the Physics Department. 

His research interest is the measurement and control of transient phenomena at atomic time-scales and length-scales. The major questions that motivate his research include:

1.    How does a system approach equilibrium after sudden pertubation?

2.    Can intermediate states be manipulated in real time to alter outcomes?

3.    What new exotic behaviors can be identified under transient conditions?

He seeks to answer these questions by making molecular movies – recording events with very high spatial resolution and a very fast shutter speed. Tools used in his research include ultra-fast lasers and synchrotron x-rays used either alone or in combination. Visit his research site​


Selected Publications:

Lee, J.; Jo W.; Kwon J-H.; Griffin B, Cho B-G.; Landahl E.C.; Lee, S.;  "Time-Resolved Structural Measurement of Thermal Resistance across a Buried Semiconductor Heterostructure Interface", Materials. 2023; 16 (23):  7450, Publication

Kane, F.; Abbate, J.;​ Landahl, E.C.; Potosnak, M.J.; "Monitoring Particulate Matter with Wearable Sensors and the Influence on Student Environmental Attitudes", Sensors 2022, 22, 1295.

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