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Nursing RN to MS (BS)

The RN to MS curriculum provides for seamless progression for the Registered Nurse with an associate degree in nursing (ADN) to the master’s degree (MS) in nursing, whether or not the student also holds a BA/BS in another field. Along the way, all students will earn the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in nursing; in anticipation of earning the BS, students must apply for degree conferral. However, the focus of the program is on the attainment of the MS degree.

The RN to MS program will be offered online except for the clinical requirements. Students will be required to complete clinical nursing experiences, which will be undertaken in their home communities with appropriate local preceptor agreements.

The bachelor’s component of the program, leading to the BS in nursing, fulfills professional nursing standards for baccalaureate education in nursing, provides for immediate career mobility, and provides an accelerated path to the master’s degree. The master’s component of the program prepares practicing nurses to meet the core expectations of a master’s education in nursing and to assume the role of a nurse educator or nurse administrator. The student will earn a certificate either in Health Professions Education or in Health Administration from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) and the MS in Nursing from DePaul University.

The bachelor’s portion of the curriculum builds on the strong theoretical and skills preparation in both nursing and general education that the associate degree prepared RN has completed. Note that, in general, 2 semester hours transfers as 3 quarter hours.