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Combined 3+2 Health Sciences (BS)/Generalist Nursing (MS)

Earn a bachelor’s in four, master’s in five.

Students in the combined 3+2 program will earn a BS in Health Sciences in four years of study and a MS in Generalist Nursing after the fifth year. You’ll gain the clinical skills to become an excellent nurse and the leadership and research skills to move up the career ladder. Our NCLEX-RN examination pass rate is consistently well above the national average, and graduates of this accelerated track will find themselves increasingly more marketable than their peers with only a bachelor’s in nursing.

Sophomore Health Sciences students in the Bioscience concentration who are members of the Pathways Honors program​ are eligible to apply for the 3+2 program through a streamlined application process that requires an application and personal statement only. If accepted, students will be expected to start master’s coursework in year four, closely mirroring the traditional first year of study in the Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice (MS) program. For more information about the admission process and program of study, see Degree Requirements​.

Don’t wait! Talk to your Health Sciences advisor today.

The 3+2 program leaves little room for error in planning, so interested students should meet with their advisor as soon as possible to discuss plans. ​