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Major Requirements

Course Requirements

Six Courses Counting towards BS and MS

​Transfer Credit

This program builds on the strong theoretical and skills preparation in both nursing and general education that the associate degree prepared RN has completed. The learning outcomes achieved at the associate degree level are validated by the National Council Licensing Examination – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN), a nationally standardized exam considered to be a highly valid and reliable test of basic competence.  Students will receive at a minimum 91 quarter hours of transfer credit for the associate degree.  Students who have earned more than 91 quarter hours of transfer credit will receive credit based on the transferrable coursework successfully completed.  Please note that some liberal studies credit has been accounted for as part of the nursing program 91 transferrable hours.  Only courses in excess of the required nursing program - and still within the restriction on the maximum number of allowable transfer credit hours - can be considered to fulfill the remaining requirements.  In addition, students must meet the DePaul residency requirement. View the Undergraduate Student Handbook to learn of the restriction on the maximum number of allowable transfer credit hours and how to meet the residency requirement.

Professional Nursing Portfolio Credit

Because continuous learning occurs in the life of a working nurse, the professional nursing portfolio assessment process awards credit for specialty certifications, research, continuing education, and other intellectually demanding activities done by professional nurses. The portfolio will be reviewed by the RN to MS program director and the Admissions, Progression, and Retention Committee upon admission to the program.  A student may earn up to 33 quarter hours of credit through the portfolio which is closed at the end of the first quarter of the program.

​Source of Portfolio Credit
Required Evidence
​Possible Credit
​Years worked as RN fulltime  ​Employer Verification ​ 1-8 hours
(1 credit hour per year up to 8)
​Continuing Education Courses taken/given ​Continuing education documents ​1-8 hours
(1 credit hour per 30 hours taken or 15 hours taught)
​Professional Organization Activity ​Dues-paying, active member of an International, National, Regional, or State Nursing Organization; plus evidence of attendance/ participation ​1-5 hours
(1 credit hour per organization per year up to 5)
​Certification in Nursing Specialty/Specialties
​ANCC or professional documentation of certification (nationally recognized) ​1-6  hours (3 credit hours per certification up to 2)
(presentation or publication)
​C.V. and written statement with examples of designated roles, including length of service and role. Letter of support from a colleague. Research presentations - locatable citation or original printed program. ​1-6 hours (3 credit hours per major office/committee served; 3 credit hours per conference presentation or equivalent)

A current curriculum vitae and a statement of professional goals and accomplishments must be submitted with the portfolio request. All supporting documentation must be included at the time of portfolio submission. Up to 33 quarter hours may be awarded.​​​  ADN-only students may apply some four-year college credit toward the 33 quarter hour portfolio minimum requirement, but only if the four-year college credit was in excess of the 91 quarter hours of transfer credit.  If fewer than 33 quarter hours are earned through portfolio credit, additional hours will be required to meet the minimum 192 credit hour requirement for the BS degree.


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