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Chemistry at DePaul

Chemistry at DePaul
Two students laughing while observing samples in a lab.

The mission of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is to educate students in the theory and ethical practice of chemistry within the framework of the scientific method, and to provide students with a context for appreciating the history of chemistry and its applications within society.

About the Department
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers instruction in chemistry at multiple levels ranging from non-major courses in the university's Liberal Studies Program to advanced special topics in our own graduate programs.  In addition, we provide opportunities for our students to contribute original ideas and findings to the larger scientific community through faculty-mentored, laboratory-based research.  The list below shows some of important characteristics of Chemistry at DePaul:

  • The vast majority of our courses are taught by our staff of 16 full-time faculty members.  As a group, our faculty provide expertise in all of the major sub-fields within chemistry including analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.
  • The field of chemistry is often referred to as the "central science" because of its role in connecting the physical sciences to the biological sciences and applied sciences.  In addition to teaching our own undergraduate majors, we provide required chemistry courses to majors in Biological Sciences, Environmental Science and Studies, Health Sciences, and Physics.
  • The department is accredited by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society
  • At the undergraduate level, the department offers both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.  Students earning a BA in Chemistry often pair their work in chemistry with a minor in another field of study.  Students earning a BS in Chemistry earn an accreditation from the American Chemical Society.
  • Students interested in chemical engineering may opt to participate in a dual admission program at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • We offer a combined degree program that allows a student to earn a BS in Chemistry and a Master of Science (MS) degree in Chemistry in a little over five years.
  • Two graduate programs are available for a student to choose from: MS in Chemistry or MS in Polymer and Coatings Science.  Each graduate program have thesis and non-thesis options.
  • We are located in the Andrew J. McGowan Building for Environmental Science and Chemistry which is right in the middle of DePaul's Lincoln Park campus and houses all of our teaching and research laboratories.